Monday May 12

How’s that for an intriguing post title??? So, Mother’s Day was great. Woke up to the biscotti and then before the day was over I got to visit with all six of my kiddos. I am two lovely ferns richer. Adorable funny cards and Juno (the Movie) – we watched it and ate pizza for supper.

The movie was great.  I loved it.  A bit of a tear jerker but hilarious at the same time.

And enjoyed a long phone call from Husband. The Mother’s Day part kinda went like this:

Me: Hey sweetie! (love caller ID)

Husband: Hey girlfriend. Happy Mother’s Day. I didnt get you flowers ordered before I left. Sorry.

Me: That’s okay. I LOVE the wicker furniture you bought me for the front porch.

Husband: Oh. You do? And when did I buy this wicker furniture? I don’t remember this.

Me: You bought it yesterday. Yeah. I knew you wanted me to have it. And I knew you forgot. So I picked up your slack.

Husband: Thank you.

Me: NO! Thank YOU!

Husband: Yeah, cool gift. We can sit out there in the mornings and drink our coffee.

Me: Exactly. Great minds think alike.

Sure made me realize how bad our porch needs repainting!

Have a great Monday…gotta get busy. I have a couple of packages to get mailed too!

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Love the wicker furniture!! Your porch looks so good.

Great conversation with your husband! Gotta love it when you just KNOW what they really wanted to get you!



Love the wicker furniture. The cat looks really comfy. Glad you had a nice mothers day too!


What wonderful taste your husband has! And to think he picked it out all by himself. My husband always insists on doing that too! LOL

Your porch is so welcoming ~ the furniture, the cat, the flowers. Don’t paint it! It is such nice character just the way it is.


Sounds like you had a lovely day! That is on my list of movies to see. I love your porch! It looks so homey and welcoming!

I think I need to remember that tactic next time I really want something. You are so cool! 🙂

Love your porch. Looks so inviting, I want to come and join your cat!