two steps forward, one step back

I feel a bit better today.  My forehead still hurts but I feel like I can breathe so I think I might live after all.  So I decide to do a little something today.  I got up and made biscuits.  It is the one thing I can make that Husband has not surpassed me on.  He handles them too much but it is something he is going to have to work out on his own.  Biscuits are not bread dough.  You have to work the heck out of bread dough but biscuits…well you have to be delicate with them.  They turned out beautiful. 

So there is my two steps forward for today…got up and made biscuits.  So I was feeling so accomplished that I decided I would make the bias tape for the apron I am giving away.  Isn’t it lovely???

Yeah, too bad it’s the wrong shade of yellow for the fabric I was going to use!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!! So back at square one on that.  But it was good practice.  And now I have this lovely binding for when I need it.  So back to the drawing board on the apron!  But I think I am doing it in yellow ticking.  Yellow was my Mama’s very favorite color.  So it being a Mother’s Day giveaway and all…

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Glad you are starting to feel better Susan! Those are beautiful looking biscuits! I also love that fabric. It will make a beautiful binding for something in the future I am sure!

Brenda Guerrero

Your biscuits look delicious !! Could you share the recipe……if it’s not a family secret ??

P.S. – Will you be doing you soaps again at MJF ? And, when will you be opening up your shoppe on the web again ? Looking forward to your kitchen and food items.

Thank you,


Even if it is the wrong color I LOVE it. You did a super job! And how nice it will look when you use it for a perfectly matching project. Some projects seem to resist being finished don’t they?


“He handles them too much but it is something he is going to have to work out on his own. ”

That made me laugh. 🙂

They turned out gorgeous!

Thanks for dropping by my site. :o)