Whacha Readin???

You know about how well I did with the book club…not so great.  Maybe I am NOT a born leader huh?  I loved/adored/thoroughly enjoyed our first book Mr. and Mrs. Cugat. I thought it was delightful! And since I am quite obviously incapable of hosting a book club for all you happy blog-readers, I thought the next best thing was to share with you what I am reading.  And maybe make some suggestions.  I thought of this just this morning when I was perusing my new Mother’s Day Gift from my oldest.  He bought me a copy of 1776 by David McCullough.  Yeah for him!  Great gift.  I will enjoy it, he will enjoy it and then Husband will get to take it on the plane with him.  We like to share good books.

To be honest book purchases rank right up there with food purchases in this family.  Yeah, one daughter works at the library but still we “need” our own copies of some books.  I do sell books from time to time, in fact I plan to put some in my etsy…or maybe even share them here first.

When I find an author I enjoy, and their books are available in paperback, I tend to buy the set and keep them.  I use to get double duty from many of them because my mom and I enjoyed the same kind of “cozy mysteries”.  We both LOVED Susan Wittig Albert’s China Bayles series.

We began reading them together way back and I have the latest Nightshade in my cart at Amazon. If you like herbs and mysteries and sleepy little Texas towns with strong women characters, you will love these books.

Now I have found another Southern writer. And have purchased some of her paperbacks.  Her name is Charlaine Harris and she writes “Southern Vampire Novels” (plus other kinds of books).  I am about mid-way with the first one and it is great.  It’s kinda interesting how I found this author.  My friend Kim (waving at you Kim) tells me she has a film crew at her place.  DO WHAT???? She thought she already told me this very interesting tidbit.  But if she did I was zoned out.  HBO is filming a series called True Blood. It is based on this series of books.  And the books are set in Louisiana…so you see where all this is going.  Okay you know I tend to confess things from time to time so hold on to your hats…I LURVES me some Vampires.  I am not even kidding! I mean I really, really LOVE Vampire movies and books and such.  You have no idea how much I would like to jump off a 5 story building and land on my feet (unscathed) like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.  I also wish I could wear that skintight leather cat suit but that is about as likely as the jumping/landing unscathed thing. I am not a big fan of Anne Rice.  In fact, quite frankly, I think she’s a bit past cuckoo and not in a good way.  But back to the True Blood thing.  Yeah, HBO has been in the area filming scenes and supposedly it will be airing in the fall maybe??? I hope so.  That gives me time to read all the series about Sookie Stackhouse a waitress in Louisiana who loves her some vampires too.  AND Sookie is one of my very favorite names for characters of all times.  My grandfather called my grandmother Sook or Sookie and I always wished someone would call me that. And I loved Sookie on Gilmore Girls.  I suppose Choochie was close enough.  My two nicknames growing up were Choochie and FaFa.  And that has nothing to do with this, I just thought I would tell you.

So…that’s what Ima readin’ at the moment.

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Love the name of your blog and I love reading too.


I too LOVE Vampires and Zombies too! I’ve been catching re-runs of the TV series “Kindred.” Twas really good. I went to a Hallowe’en night lecture while back in College given by a Bram Stoker/Dracula expert. That was crazy enlightening. Seems Mr. Stoker combined the story of Vlad the Impaler (a real person) with his own sexual repressions to create the novel. Hmmmmm………………

how funny, i just started reading some charlaine harris books too. but i am reading the aurora teagarden mysterys. shes a good author.

Oh me too!!! I just finished Twighlight. You must read it!


Good Afternoon, I enjoy reading almost any type of book! Your various book mentions sound super. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks very much!