Cookie Heaven!

Yesterday was a lovely day with kids and visiting and good eats.  Supper was superb! Oldest Daughter and her husband arrived early enough for her to run into town and get ingredients for her wonderful homemade guacamole for us to snack on before supper.  I will have to get her recipe to post.  Even Husband liked it and he ‘says‘ he doesnt like guacamole.  Tandoori pork chops, honey citrus roasted carrots, salad, mashed potatoes with fresh chives from the garden, and focaccia.  All VERY tasty.  But before all that cooking Rachel whipped up a batch of these:

Why, those look like Samoas…the kind Girl Scouts sell once a year.  Only they never have enough of them and you have to settle for dry shortbread cookies or mint cookies…the mint cookies are fine but not when you wanted Samoas. Guess what!  They are Samoas!!!  HA HA HA, we will just make our own from here on out!  I am not even kidding, they are the real thing!  I will get the recipe to you soon.  You know you want it.  It wasnt the easiest recipe but well worth the trouble or so Rachel said.  I didnt have a hand in them at all except to tell her to go light on the caramel layer so I could lick the bowl. You know, she is becoming quite the baker.  I am very proud of her.  She even hinted that we might want to get into catering again some day.  Hmmmm, that’s a thought.  And I said “Hey, you and I haven’t written a cookbook together either!” So there’s always that too.  Maybe one of these days.

We decided we would take a day next week and make croissants.  Oh…and we also have a recipe for homemade oreos which we will be trying soon.

But today we are off to the city.  Husband has an appointment with the dr to see about his elbow.  Apparently he has ulnar nerve damage/entrapment/dysfunction. I am pretty sure this is going to require some surgery but we will see what the dr says.  I am thinking worst case he would be home a little longer than usual – that of course would be the best case scenario for me.

We are also going to see SATC, the movie. Yes, my dear husband is taking me to see a chick flick. Why?? you ask.  Because he loves me and knows I would go see a dude movie with him anytime he wanted.  I will be sure and give you a movie review later as well.  The movie has made 99 million dollars so far.  And yes, it has s-e-x in it…duh.  Come on, I have been married almost 31 years and have 6 kids, am I going to be shocked by much?  And some nekkidness…so again with the married 31 years and 6 kids-been there done that.  And I can’t wait to see it!  How risqué could it be if Christianity Today gave it 3 out of 4 stars????!!!! And they are usually pretty hard on movies.

Gotta get busy, dressed and out of here!  Later!

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those cookies! I must have that recipe! They look mouth watering.
I am new to blogville…love your site. I think I found it from Daisy Cottage. You all are so inspiritational. NotQuiteJuneCleaver….what a cute name. I can remember watching Leave it to Beaver when the series was new to tv! LOL. Thanks for the memories.
Anxious to hear your review of SATC. I am having my gal friends over for a SATC party when it comes out in dvd. Cosmos and cupcakes and all!
xoxo, mary

Ooooo, I’m watching for the Samoa recipe! My husband loves those (though they are so sweet they make my teeth hurt!).

Mmm…those cookies look very moreish! Can’t wait to see the recipe. I have never had a samoa, but I am guessing they must be pretty tasty!

Sandra Holloway

Those cookies look incredible!! I will have to try them 🙂