Dessert Crepes

We made a batch of crepes and had a choice of strawberries, blueberries, nutella or cinnamon sugar with fresh made REAL whipped cream.  They were amazing! I will post more pictures of the process later.  It was remarkably easy.  I finally got the hang of it about two crepes from the end of the batch! Isnt this one a beauty!?

Here they are stacked and ready to be filled…

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my aunt told me crepes are a cup of sugar, a cup of flour, and a cup of water. I tried this a while ago and it came out okay. I’m thinking these look soooo good. May have to try them with some of the garden strawberries!

Woo Hoo! They are perfectly gorgeous! I think my sugar level just went up a notch. Can almost smell them. xxoo

Those look delicious Susan and I love the crepe maker! I will have to look for one of those!

oh wow, that looks YUMMY!

Oh my my! Those look wonderful! Can I come over and have one?


They are beautiful. I have never tried making crepes..but I should!!!! The crepe maker is so nice too..hmmmmmmm


Wow, these look delicious! Yummo!
My girlfriends were just talking about crepes yesterday! One friend didn’t know what a crepe was so I’ll show her your pics since they are better than any cookbook!