Great Saturday!

I picked Husband up at 9:11 last night and he was very glad to be home again.  And I was very happy to have him home.  Here is one of  my favorite pictures he took…the Post Office of course…I LOVE MAIL!!More pics later.

We went to the grocery this morning and got thing for a feast.  This the first time in a long time all 8 of us and spouses were together.  Great time…great food!  More later but just wanted to let you all know he made it home safe and sound.

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Welcome home to your husband! Good to hear he is home safe and sound. Loved the pic of the post office. Wish ours was as beautiful as that one. Ours reminds me of a warehouse building, squat, gray and one floor. The annex for picking up mail is even worse and you have to walk all the way around the main post office to get to it. It’s hard to get to when you don’t drive. Let’s just say, bring a bottle of water with you … you’ll need it for the trip. xxoo

Glad to hear your husband made it home safe and sound. Post offices over here are really quaint and picturesque, well at least the ones in the villages are and sadly they are all in jeapordy as the goverment wants to close a lot of them!