Green Giveaway Part Deux

Rachel made a quick pic for me to let you see the goodies for the Green Giveaway. Viola!

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How lovely and . . . GREEN! Beautiful. I think anyone would love to have these. It’s so kind of you to want to give them to one of your lucky readers!

Okay, so now that I have seen the “goodies” I am really hoping that I win !!

You are always so kind in your “give-aways”……Thank you !!

Have a good week-end.

Oh I love them! Better then what I pictured in my mind! I hope I win! I hope I win! I hope I win!


What a beautiful green! I love all these items and would be proud to use them in my home. Thanks for hostessing this giveaway. I enjoy reading your blog. xxoo

You are all really inspiring me! I am going to sew myself some cloth shopping bags out some of the heavy canvas I have. I do have several I have purchased on the spot but would need more to really do my grocery shopping. This and the previous post have really started a great conversation and exchange of ideas.


How lovely. Please add me!

Debi Cole

Hey Cutie Patootie!

Its good to check in with you ! Oh!!! Sign me up for your giveaway!

I’m REALLY trying hard to live a green lifestyle. We have a garden, belong to a CSA, eat veg,hang laundry…walk…yadayadayada…
Its a daily conscious thing. My kids are grown and gone so its easy right now! When my 4 kids were little…..thats another story!! Eek! Love U and thanks!!!

Linda Pinto

It is a little difficult to change habits but I think the cost of energy (electricty is going up too) will make us change like it or not. I am looking for a clothes line for my back yard. I find that Home Depot and Orchard Supply in my town don’t carry these things. I will try Lowe’s and then the internet. It will be a little inconvenient but should save on dryer costs. Please enter me in the contest.


I’m loving this blog, and recently shared it with a friend of mine who just started her own blog. (It took me MONTHS to convince her that she should be blogging! haha Now that she is, she’s addicted and I keep trying to feed her inspiration by passing along really great blogs along the way… this was one she really enjoyed, and having never before been a Blog Reader, that’s really saying something!)
I love this contest, too, and am crossing my fingers VERY tightly! 🙂

Janene Grace

Thank you! This is a great gift all around! I like tea, I collect aprons, and I’m moving to organic!!