Green GiveAway!

Being Green. Becoming Green. Going Green. Living Green. What does that mean? Something different to everyone. Many times, I feel judged/accepted or ostracized based on how GREEN I am/live. Admittedly, I am not even on the scale according to most. And I really, really dont want to stir up a hornet’s nest about it. I have found people I know fall into three categories: Very passionate and living the greenest life they possible can, those who will never believe it would make a difference at this point, and the rest of us…the HUH??? group. The HUH group hears, sees but doesnt know what exactly is the right way to approach every aspect of green living. And if they did know, could they comply? I am just not at a place where I feel I know what my role in the “movement” really is. But I am not going to get on a soapbox or get too deep into it, because then I will just show you all how ignorant about it I am and I prefer for you all to think I know MUCH more about everything than I actually do! I am joking, I hope you all realize! But there are things I know-cooking, sewing, tending to a family, running a household with a big family, making soap, and things I don’t know and I am not about to try and list them all. But “ecology” falls in there somewhere. Quite frankly, when all my children were at home and Husband was working 14 days at a time away from home, I was trying very hard to keep my head above water and keep down the possiblity of a mutany so recycling fell well below what I was REALLY worried about. I already had a huge, somewhat organic garden and made as few trips as possible in a vehicle because who in their right mind would take six kids anywhere they didnt have to???!!!! AND those of you who know me in real life, know how I feel about hypocrisy and for me to be very vocal would be way up there on that scale because the oil industry has put a roof over our heads and food on our table for 30 years. AND I know second hand thru Husband just how far the oil industry has come concerning ecology, clean energy and environmental concerns. So I tend to have a little different perspective/opinion than some. Plus, I am not much of a joiner. I don’t “do” bandwagons, in fact I tend to steer clear of them when at all possible. I simply try to live a life with a clear conscience where all things are concerned and treading lightly on the Earth is a process for me. A learning experience. Something I am growing into, not something I can jump on with both feet.

We watched a program yesterday about Greensburg, Kansas and the horrible way it was obliderated by a F5 tornado on May 4, 2007. I was much more fascinated with the weather those people endured than the actual green gist of the program. Amazing character the citizens of Greenburg possess. And the hope they show for rebuilding their lives and their community was amazing. They will be, with success, the first city in America to be built or rebuilt from the ground up “green“.

I hope all of that will be taken in the spirit it was written. I am just trying to be honest about where I am with this subject and not profess to be more than I am, know more than I do or lead someone to believe I am greener than I am.

But now the real reason I started this post: I want to recycle some green things by having a giveaway! I have been hard at this kitchen mess for three days! And in all this cleaning and rearranging, I found the prettiest little teapot in my cupboard that needs a new home. It is ADORABLE and green! But since it wasnt a gift and I bought it for myself, I think I should make it a gift to someone else – you know RECYCLE…and make a little more room in my cupboard. AND I ran across a vintage apron that I want to add to the gift box. Its white, green and orange…too cute! And no telling how many owners it has had, so it definitely qualifies for a green giveaway!  PLUS a book I have two copies of ~ Living Organic. The drawing will be July 1st at noon CST.

But wait there is more! That day will be very special here at NQJC~ so do check back. There will be something very special posted that day…not only will there be this terrific giveaway with a surprise (oh, you are going to love this) for the winner and there will be a real treat for EVERYONE!

So how do you enter? Leave me a comment on this post. Tell me something GREEN. Share something you or your community is doing or plan on doing to live a greener life. Make me a greener by inspiring me and giving me ideas! Let’s fill my trusty ol’ mason jar!

Pictures soon of the goodies!

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Several months ago I raided my stash of fabric and sewed four grocery bags. I return them to the back of my car as soon as I unload the groceries so I have no excuses whenever I stop at the grocery store, farmer’s market, Target. Plus, they’re kind of cute.

Auntie M.

We’ve been eco-aware since the very first Earth Day in the 70’s, but there’s always room for improvement. I harbor no guilt for a landfill chock full of disposable diapers because my kids wore cloth (line dried in the sunshine), but these days I’m still struggling to remember my cloth shopping bags every time. Old habits die hard. We recycle everything possible…even leftover paint. The real trick is not in recycling, but in consuming less to begin with. That is our focus: do not buy it unless absolutely necessary. The less we acquire or use, the less damage we do to the planet.

Ann B.

Well, we are back to recycling…
We never really had that much before
(didn’t read the paper, didn’t buy things in cans, etc) and our town didn’t pick up plastic or tin or magazines…Now, they have started to take those things, we are back to recycling it….it feels good.
Only problem is, they have the prison workers doing it, and sometimes they just plain don’t show up…and that is a hassle having to drag it all back down the stairs and around to the back of the house and hope, that in 2 wks. they will show.


I’m just starting to get into the household type of living green. Replacing lightbulbs and soaps with greener ones. However natural living health wise I’ve always been more into.

This summer, my mother in law and I are planning on planting a garden. We’ve thought about it for years, but this time we’re taking action. The tomato salmonella scare a few weeks ago snapped me out of my grocery store produce blindness and now I’m wanting to grow what I eat!


I take all papers in to town to recycle when shopping, take cloth bags for shopping, put plastic
bags in Walmart box. I recycle cans and get a little
money.I would love to be in your giveaway

Carla Pullum

i am new to Green but have been recycling everything!!! Cloths, bags and bottles etc!!!

We are trying to live simpler and greener as well…we recycle grocery bags, cans, plastic, etc… We buy clothes at Goodwill, consignment sales/shops, and the Salvation Army. Not all of our clothes mind you, but a great deal is second hand. We down sized from a gas guzzler to a more economical car. We’re learning as we go. I’ve recently began buying green chemicals too.

We’ve done a couple of things by choosing to move into our current house. It has no space for a dishwasher or dryer, so we gave those up for hanging our clothes and handwashing. We also plant a garden every year.
Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com


For me living green means to eat better and to use more natural products or alternatives. I am growing some veggies in the backyard, driving far less then I use too, and trying to give stuff away instead of throwing it all away.

We recycle our gray water to use on our non edibles like the shade trees we plant to cool the house in the summer. We planted Fir trees to shield the house from wind. I use a clothes line. We only drive the Toyota now. And I make grocery totes to avoid using plastic bags.

Your post was very good. We all just do the best we can. I would like to enter your giveaway.
Thank you.


Greetings, Another wonderful giveaway! Our family made a “green” commitment earlier this year. We are starting out small and working our way up! As of now, we keep the water heater temperature down and take shorter showers. We also plan on turning the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. I recycle everything possible. Hopefully, it actually does get recycled. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi


what a great idea. We collect our neighbors grass clippings to use as mulch on our garden.

Elizabeth M.

I am biking now that it’s summer instead of driving. I live within 1/4 mile of every type of business I need to reach so there’s no excuse why I should be driving in weather as beautiful as this. Sometimes I walk too, depending on how humid it is. We also recycle, recycle, recycle. We use our clothesline instead of the dryer and we use an adjustable thermostat to save energy while sleeping or away from home.

Deanne S

I just bought my first “Green” cleaning product yesterday…I’m a newbie and a wannabe…I’m trying! I’m open for almost anything EXCEPT cloth diapers!

Karen R

We grow an organic garden and share what we don’t use we friends and neighbors. Outgrown clothing gets donated to Goodwill. We recycle everything that our town accepts. We hang the clothes on the clothesline to dry, when weather permits. We conserve electricity by turning out lights and switching to energy saving light bulbs.



judy brittle

when doing laundry i’ve been buying those little cubes that you just toss in and you don’t need any fabric softener. the ones i have last through 35 loads.

Rita Alarcon

My family recycles a lot. So much that our recycle bin is always twice as full as the trash. Our next goal is to get a composter for our backyard vegetable garden to eliminate more kitchen discards.


What a fabulous idea!! I’ve been doing a few things at a time to live a greener lifestyle. My most recent switch was to stop using chemicals when I clean. Instead I’m using Method brand products from Target. I also recycle all my water bottles and shop at the thrift store for goodies instead of always buying new. I recycle all my junk mail, use it for the kids for scrapbooking, etc. Nothing is ever just tossed out….it always finds a new use or a new home.


JoAnn Lahmann

I could use a great apron and green is my favorite color. THANKS

Awesome ideas! Our green lifestyle includes using canvas grocery bags, a compost bin in the backyard, hanging laundry on the line, and reusing what we have. My tip: I was cleaning out the linen closet and realized the fitted sheet I had was ripped. I decided to save it and make a skirt for myself & daughter out of it!

I am making my own laundry soap, have given up all manufactured cleaning products, use no pesticides or herbacides in our gardens, can everything we possibly can including fruit juices, salsas, jellies,chicken and beef plus the vegetables, recycle all paper,plastic,glass and aluminum.
We shop Goodwill for clothes. We go to yard/garage sales and auctions. We use the same cardboard boxes and canvas bags to shop. We also compost for the garden. Most of our neighbors think we’re nuts but we know better. I would love to be considered for your giveaway.
We save all stale bread and rolls and cornbread in bags in the freezer. Bread can be toasted in the oven and made into breadcrumbs. Rolls can be torn apart and made into delicious bread pudding. Bread and cornbread can be torn/crumbled and maade into stuffing.

My city has now recycling collection every week. So we have one day for regular garbage and the other is recycling! Isn’t it fantastic!
I use carboard boxes to pack my beggies when I shop at the farmers market. The cardboad make their way to the recycle bin later on.

Margie Shook

I hang out clothes to dry to conserve energy. When cleaning out the cat litter box, I use the plastic store bags (double bagged) to dispose of it. I recycle aluminum cans and the money goes for a family outing.

Jean F

Thank you for holding such a great giveaway! I live on a 475 acre farm and we’re doing no-till this year, which saves oil (not so much plowing). This is where you leave the weeds from last year and plant the crop among them. The dead weeds conserve moisture, as well.

Peggy Gorman

It’s funny because I have been living Green for years but I was called frugal. Everyone needs to keep it simple,live with your land and reuse everything, recycle what you can’t.We plant organtic veggies and fruits,use glass when you can and just keep it simple

Betty Shoemaker

I recycle everything I can. I really want this earth to be great for my grandchildren

kathy pease

i recycle everything 🙂

Deneen Gannuscio

It ain’t easy being green! But if it’s what we have to do to keep the earth going, well, this is where we live and I would like to keep living here. So, reduce, recycle, and reuse!!!

Heather C

We recycle our paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products, use canvas bags at stores, work out at home instead of driving to a gym and use fans around the house.

sandra kao

it’s not much, but we try to recycle as much as we can

Mary Lintner

I always unplug my cell phone charger and anything that I am not using becuase it still draws energy even though nothing is on. I also will not try to drive over 60 MPG and will coast to the red lights, it saves on gas.