Guess what!!

Watermelons are not as benign as they seem…they can kill!! OR nearly.

I bought two watermelons on the way home from taking Husband to the airport yesterday. They smelled and looked sssoooo good. And tasted wonderful – so sweet. I fixed myself a bowl and about 4 bites in my throat slammed shut! Good grief. So needless to say I have been asleep most of the afternoon. Three benadryl, a claritin and two chewable singulair later and I can breath and even talk again! So let me add watermelon to my already really long list of things that I cannot eat. Crap.

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Join my club!!! I love the smell of it though, I am even afraid to touch it at this point. I am a 4 on it!

Me too! Watermelon, avocado, cantaloupe, mango, papaya, honeydew, cherimoya, walnuts, kohlrabi, etc etc. Sucks sometimes.

Would you believe that same things happened to me about 20 yrs ago !!! I had grown up eating watermelon my whole life and then BAM !! one summer I popped a piece in my mouth and my throat closed up ….

I now can not eat anything at all with watermelon flavor. Not even candy.

Hint *** Do not be like me and try to see if you can eat it again, years later…….I had the same reaction !! I thought my husband was going to kill me after he got me breathing again, lol !!

I feel your pain,

Oh gosh, how scary!!! How sad too. Watermelon is one of summer’s great joys!

Mary Yerington

I have had hives for 7 weeks now. I can not figure out what is causing them. What do people eat when they are allergic to many foods and things? It seems everything I eat —- everything that I thought was good for me —- may be “bad” for me. The hives started within two days of a tetnus shot -given by a nurse with latex gloves – and I was taking lots of ibuprophen for a cut and a jammed finger. I love fruit,vegtables, nuts, wheat, soy,…. but I know that certain nuts, soy, mango, don’ t like me. Now I am wondering if beans, berries, melons, tomato, are not for me too. If anyone out there has these same allergies or food sensitivities I would appreciate hearing what you eat. I have gained 5 lbs. since these hives started because I have not felt like doing my daily exercises and all of the steroids, Zyrtec, Clairitin, they have tried me on. I have not taken ibuprophen for six weeks. Could I still be having hives 7 weeks later if it was a shot that caused them? Thank you for any help you can offer.