Hen Parrrrrtaaaay!

I am having a little hen party this evening with my friends Karen and Tami.  I have a Six Cheese Quiche in the oven and Rachel made Death By Chocolate Brownies.  That isnt the real name but it is until I get the recipe from her.  But just imagine this–NUTELLA!!! Bittersweet AND milk chocolate.  Enough said huh?  The quiche is a “made up something from what I had”.  But it has swiss, mozzarella, asiago, cheddar, feta and gouda.  YUM!  And I added some fresh asparagus, leeks and baby bella mushrooms.  I will let you know how it turns out and if it is worth repeating the recipe.  I will say this – IT SMELLS HEAVENLY!!! Now if it just tastes good.

Husband and I have talked several times today.  This is his hotel.

He went walking this afternoon/evening taking pictures.  He said the hotel is very comfortable and the town is very quaint and nice.  He thinks I would like it.  The most remarkable thing to him is the fact that sea gulls are out and about and loud 24/7!  I will post some of his pictures next week if they come out good.  He is using a camera he is not used to but I am sure he is very capable.

Company will be here shortly.  Look for the brownie recipe tomorrow and quite possibly the quiche as well.

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Sounds like a fun time! Can’t wait to hear how it all went!