Movie Review: Sex and the City

Well, it as all I expected. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it except the 20 minutes of down time while the projectionist fixed the broken film! Yes, there was some nudity. I might never be able to eat sushi again. Yes, there was some s-e-x. But there was also love, disappointment, forgiveness and true blue friendships. And some crazy fashion

and some amazing shoes!!!!

AND Husband didnt hate it. In fact I do believe I heard a little sniff occasionally. Very touching at times.

My thoughts on Big and Carrie: She expected too much of him. She knew him, she knew how he rolled, yet she had this fairytale, over the top wedding she got caught up in and didnt listen to the warnings from him. His fears, what he knew he was capable of doing, and what he wasn’t. Her own self absorption caused her pain and suffering, not Big. He loved her, be professed his love, he wanted to marry her but he didnt want a circus. Who could blame him? Of course we got married at my parent’s house by a woman judge and might have spent $200. So the whole extravagant wedding thing escapes me personally.

If you watched the show then you will want to see it. If you didnt…I am not sure you would care much for it. It picks up where the show left off so you might be a bit lost. What you could do is get the dvd’s from Netflix (or do like I did and buy the complete set) and catch up with the story and then see the movie. I dont want to spoil it for you if you are planning to see it. As I fan, I give it 4 out of 4 stars!

Note: Recipe for Samoas later and update on husband’s elbow thing.

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Glad you really enjoyed the movie! I did too! Must have been a defect in several copies of the film—film had to be repaired at Natchitoches theater the day I went to see movie—but it was worth waiting those few minutes. I think it was great your husband went with you. He is definitely a keeper!

Queen of the fashionably outdated

I am a true blue fan now- caught some of the series and have to see this movie. Now to find the time!!!!

Ok so I must must must have that recipe- I have been bragging it up amoungst my staff and we are going to give it a try- Is it made with real girl scouts???!!!!

We really need to chat soon- I feel like I don’t know what’s up in your neck of the woods deary. Love to you all-B


I really want to start watching the episodes. When we went to a movie the other day there were some girls in their 20’s all dressed up like the characters. It was cute.
Look, those cookies were BETTER than the girl scout ones!!! They were wonderful!!!!! Chelsea took a bite of hers ( yes, Shannon shared) and she said she was so glad Rachel was her friend… ha ha.

i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

I totally agree about the over the top weddings. Wouldn’t you rather put a down payment on a house instead of paying that much for a wedding, I don’t get it. I think we spent about $500 on our wedding, and that was with over 100 guests!