New Dishes!!

So, I was trying to set the table last weekend and we just dont have enough Wally World dishes left for everyone to have a place setting.  And I know how trivial it is but it bugs me.  Especially at holidays when I want to set a pretty table and all.  Well I showed Husband some dishes online at a restaurant supply house that I really liked and he did too but after much study (cause I have ALL kinds of time to waste looking for dishes) and after looking last week when we were in the city, I finally found EXACTLY what I was looking for at Williams Sonoma!

And it was on sale!  Yeah for me.  I ended up getting 18 place settings: plates, salad/pasta bowls, cereal bowls, dessert plates and cups and saucers.

Now this has caused me to actually completely wreck my kitchen.  Seriously, I took everything out of my cabinets and rearranged and organized and I will take pictures when I am all finished.  It just feels really good to get my kitchen in order.

Gotta run, I have lots to do – Husband comes home on Friday evening!  I talked to him this morning and he said it was a lovely day in Scotland but he is ready to come home.  I told him the kids were really anxious to see pictures so he said he would walk around this evening and take a few more.  I ask him what he was bringing me and he said a bottle of Scotland’s finest Scotch Whisky.  You and I both know that isnt JUST for me, though with all the water well trouble I have had there are times I could have used a good stiff shot! Or two.

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We bought 12 settings of those dishes with a wedding gift card to Williams-Sonoma. We love them.


Every year during my spring cleaning I never get to my kitchen. Not in the way I should. You have motivated me a little. By the way, your new dishes look great.

love the dishes! white tableware is so versatile.

Love your new dishes!! White goes with EVERYTHING and makes food look for much better.