Old Dog ~ New Tricks

I am the old dog.  And I have learned something today.  If you have followed my blog for any length of time,  you realize I am a country girl, farmgirl, jill of several trades.  Yesterday just as my company got here and I took the quiche out of the oven, our lights went out.  There was a storm north of here and unless you live in a rural area, you have no idea how something so minor can change everything abruptly.  So anywho, we ate in the semi dark, visited in the semi dark but these friends are farmgirlfriends so they didnt let it faze them. Well, someone, who will remain nameless, flushed a toilet.  BIG  NO NO when you are without electricity and the water pump is off.  So here we go  ~ we have to go prime the pump at 10pm.  And 11pm.  And 12 am…and 2 am.  You see where this is headed.  Even with this lovely diagram husband has laminated

and hanging in the pump house,(that man loves him some Excel) something was not quite right ~~ duh! So after going to bed after 2 am I got up at daylight and went back out to see if I had missed something but nope…couldnt get it up and running.  So I called our friendly water well serviceman.  He, quite frankly, is my newest and bestest friend.  Not only did he get my water back up and going, but he taught me a couple of things: 1) How to clean the points on a pump (#2 in the diagram) 2) How to adjust the pressure on said pump.  Water and two very valuable pieces of knowledge for a mere $55. I would have told you I knew all I needed to about our well and how it works, but I would have been wrong.

For all the inconvenience, it is nice to learn something new.  Something I very well may need again.

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Wow. I suspected you were married to an engineer-type, but now I know. Only engineers use Excel like that. 😛


I’ve just been catching up on some blog reading and love the recipes you’ve been posting recently. Esp the fruit in batter one (sorry I’ve forgotten the name between there and here!) I’m definitely going to give it a go with the children.
Any sign of your cat yet?