On again, off again.

The continent that is. Husband leaves in about 12 hours for Scotland. Yep, the country. He has a week of meetings/classes and my tummy lurches at the thought of him being gone for a week of his time home. I have called the people who scheduled this everything but “the people who scheduled this”. It will be an adventure for him for sure and a LONG week for us at home. Personally, I cannot imagine being in a strange country, alone and on my own. But then again, the girls realized the other day that I have never spent the night alone. Nope, never in almost 49 years. I went straight from my parents house to Husband’s and by the time he was working away from home, I had my oldest. Weird huh?

We are still waiting to hear about the elbow thing. I am a bit perturbed about that as well. A little more than “a bit” I suppose. Again, with the name calling. The doctor knows he is going out of the country and he couldn’t take 5 minutes to let us know at least that he doesn’t know anything. Might be looking for a new doctor if he bothers to call Monday. I don’t take kindly to being ignored. My mood is a little cranky as you might can tell. I am trying very hard not to let Husband know just how unhappy I am about his leaving. He is no more happy about going. But to say it has put a damper on my normally good mood (when he is home) is very accurate.

To add to my already sad mood, my kitty, Seamus is AWOL. Here he is on a happier day:

I fear he has met his demise.  He has never gone off for very long and I think this is day four.  He might have finally tangled with something tougher.

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What a bummer week your having. Hope things turn around today! Have a great day!

Sorry you are having a tough time! I hope that your husband has a safe trip. Clint has traveled to Scotland, Norway, and Canada. He was supposed to go to Bangkok, but thankfully that got cancelled! It was definitely a different “feeling” for me knowing he was SO far from home. Hang in there, it will be ok!!

Don’t worry. We’re not THAT strange here in Scotland. 😉
Hope you find your kitty soon.