Things are looking up!

The phone woke me up at 5 this morning with a very familiar voice.  “Get up girl!  Today’s a big day!”.  Whose the one person on Earth allowed to call me “girl”.  Yep.  Husband was in Paris and would leave there (if all goes as scheduled) in about and hour and a half headed to Atlanta.  Things actually did get fairly straightened out.  Enough that he made is flight in Tunis with ease and now he is headed home.  So yeah, today is a big day.  Finishing up house cleaning, fresh linens on the bed, Italian Cream Cake to bake.  Oh, and I will put up the recipe with pictures later today if at all possible.  One of you lovely people emailed me and ask for it so it is forthcoming.   I won’t have to leave for the airport until 8:30 tonight so I should have time.

I always feel so much more at ease when I know that he is actually on the way home.  And even more so when he reaches Atlanta or Houston or where ever he is landing in the US.  One simple reason.  I can retrieve him from where ever that is!  No matter what changes a schedule after he is here, we can fix it!  He could rent a car and drive home or I could go get him.

Thanks for all the encouragement on my decision.  Some have commented here and some have emailed me.  I appreciate you all for taking the time.  It was a difficult decision and I didnt make it hastily.  It has been coming for a while.  Now I just have to let my local shops know.  That will be the hardest thing. Face to face saying “I quit”.

You all have a wonderful day and I will be back later with the recipe.  Thanks again for the time you spend here.

And now a picture for your pleasure:

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No, thank you!
This blog is always a pleasure to visit.

Woo hoo! I hope the homecoming is everything you’ve been looking forward to! That is a beautiful flower picture also!