A Little Green News

I was perusing the world wide web this morning, cooling down from my morning workout.  No, you didnt not imagine that I said workout.  This is my 10th day of  my new “program”.   But that is not what this post is about.  I am not going to talk too too much about the “program” for fear of jinxing myself.  Yes, there is to such a thing as a jinx.  Don’t scoff. I am from a lovely Irish/Scotish family and let me tell you jinxes arent the only thing you have to watch out for.  But again, I am veering off track.  To the original thought for this post.  First who doesn’t love a little gossip?  Don’t lie.  You know you do.  Sometimes under the guise of “giving someone a heads up” or “I don’t think this is true but…”.  We all love a little scoop every now and then.  Well here is some gossip that is good for you! ECORAZZI I spent a little too much time looking around but give it a go!

One more little thing.  Look for Planet Green on your TV listings. I have found some very interesting programs on during the day. Yeah even the ones about oil drilling 😉

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Sadly we don’t get this channel where we are…it sounds great! Happy viewing…and doing green! Happy Days ((HGUS))