A Little Thursday Morning Apron Love

I dont know how many of you know this but I have a strong, very strong love for ticking.  It borders on being unhealthy at times.  That along with my obsessions with brown paper (like paper bags are made of), white doilies and binding made from delicate prints…well this maybe my favorite apron of all time!  I will post a picture later of the whole thing.  But for now…here is its lovely little pocket.  Notice I put the binding (that I had made a while back) on by hand.  I really dont know why…my fingers are soooo sore!  But I do like the way it looks hand stitched.

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You kill me with these sweet aprons.

Especially the ones that have pink flowers on them.


I really like your ticking apron! I am a ticking fan, too! Hmmm, wouldn’t ticking covered cushions look so sweet on that new wicker porch furniture, along with some litte flowered throw pillows….
I love to decorate. I enjoy brown paper as well–simple things. I always have. I love the same things now that I loved twenty years ago, as a new mommy. I am one of those folks with the ball fringe Country Curtains…I’ve had them for years and have no plans on getting anything else! They just go with what I love!
Happy Thursday! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite things!


I, too, like ticking. Your apron is just lovely. What a totally cute blog. I especially enjoyed your baking recipes, as I love to bake. Keep up the great work! Amy 🙂


That is my kind of combination!! I cannot wait to see the entire apron. Oh, and I think sewing bindings on by hand are the only way to do them. I love hand-stitching bindings onto things. I think it connects you to what you are making and that passes on to the person who receives it. So, as Tim Gunn would say, “Carry on.” with what you are doing. It’s perfect.

Ticking is one of my favorite fabrics, too. It brings back grand memories of childhood…that’s what pillows used to be made with…ticking and down.

Your apron pocket is precious. I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

I stumbled onto your blog through the blog surfer this morning…and I’m glad I did. Thanks for a pleasant visit. 😀


that little sneak peek makes me long to see more….

Wow! Very impressive. I don’t sew and I don’t wear aprons. I prefer to have sauces smeared all over my favorite blouses, but that’s not the point. The point is that your apron and the hand sewn binding are lovely.


Susan, those colors are so pretty. It reminds me of those plates that I had that I passed on to you that had the delicate pink flowers on them. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

I love it! Absolutely adorable!! I do admit, though, I do not know what ticking is.

I wish I did.

I just adore a cute apron! Send it my way! 🙂


This is gonna be my favorite of your so far I just know it!!!