Apron Update and Some Ramblings

‘Tis finished.

So how do you like the model??? Pretty cool I think.  Bought meself a little something for my “studio”.  I like that word. Studio.  Makes one seem to be working on something you know.  The American Heritage lists a studio as: An artist’s workroom. I can accept that.  Though, it is really taking liberties with the definition of the word artist.

Now these next couple of  paragraphs are just ramblings that were in my brain this morning and flittered out my fingertips to the keyboard.  So if they dont make sense to you, just think how I feel, they were in my head.

So, do you ever wonder what other people think of what you have chosen to do with your life? I go through periods where it kinda matters to me but I have such a HUGE ego that those periods are very short lived.  And it really isnt that I dont care so much as it wont matter to me if someone disapproves. And I tend to only do the things that I am good at.  I don’t mind a challenge if it is to improve a skill I already have.  I am just not real interested in learning anything completely new.  Too many things I already love need my attention and have room for improvement. And I hates me some stress.  I do my very best to eliminate stress in my life and the life of Husband.  If it means working a little harder to prepare something in order not to be on the panic button later, then I work a little harder.  I am a plotter and a planner which to me alleviates stress.  I firmly believe stress will kill you.  And quick.  If not, it surely disrupts your happy place.

I also refuse to participate in stressful relationships.  Not gonna do it.  Lets just say way back in the day when Husband and I were dating, if we had fussed and fought and been jealous of each other then I never would have married him.  Period.  Do we ever fight?  Rarely.  Why? Mostly because he spoils me to the point of ridiculousness.  Partly because I spoil him nearly as much. And also, we are too old and life it too short to fight. About once a year we have a “blow up”.  Doesnt everyone?

Later today  I will be posting a recipe and pictures of Rachel’s Redneck Macaroons.  OMG!!! I am eating one right now…they are amazing!

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Your apron turned out perfect!

I anxiously await the macaroon recipe…I hope it doesn’t call for too many rednecks…I usually use coconut in mine. LOL…

You should have looked up the definition of artist in the American Heritage. Here’s what it says:
1. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts. 2. A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.

#2 Describes you well.

I am in the process of extricating myself from a difficult relationship with my boss. Soon it will be over. However, the relationship I have with my DH is outstanding and, like your DH, he spoils me rotten.

Aren’t husbands wonderful?


I certainly don’t worry about it but I know that my choice 6 years ago to work as a childminder was a surprise to some people. Can you believe that some people see looking after children as a ‘lowly’ sort of job! And I know that at least one family member thinks that I focussed too much of my life on our daughter. Anyway what I do and how I live my life is so much more than my job title (and I’m good at what I do!!).

I love that apron and the model is a fab accessory for your studio. Oh yes, I’m also going to stop calling a certain room in our house the playroom/craft room and start calling it the studio very soon!


I love the apron!! I also LOVE your wire dress form! Would love one for myself! Oh, I could have so much fun dressing her!
I don’t really care what people think of me anymore. That can be so stressful in itself. I am a wife of 25 years, a mom and a nurse. I love homemaking and mothering. Nursing is very humble work. You really get down and dirty, but I feel like I am making a contribution in a tiny way.
And, I agree with you about stressful relationships. It is not worth it. I didn’t always feel this way, either…I think it just comes with age. (I’m 52 ) I am loving my 50’s. I like who I am now more than ever. I’m fiesty. I feel girl-power. The only thing I miss is my girlish figure…but the rest of me, I am ok with. We are having a great time with Empty Nest. I felt a little bit worried about that as it was approaching. But OH, the fun we have! Life is good.
Have a great weekend! Thanks for your sweet blog, I really enjoy it very much. mary

So pretty… love your new model!!!

where did you get the dress form do they ship I want one and have been looking for a few years thanks for any help


Very cute apron !! We seems to have a similar approach to living also. I let the Stressers stress, I’m living my life for God and my family.