Book Shelf Progress!

I am doing a VERY late Spring cleaning of book shelves.  I am doing my very best to better organize myself and my space.  And since I no longer have a shoppe, I can rearrange it to be my little private sewing/book nook. I am also working to get my cookbooks in my kitchen organized so I dont have to turn things upside down when I need one. They are by Regional outide the US,

Regional inside the US,  American TV personalities, miscellaneous, baking,

cookies and cake decorating,

Vintage, Louisiana Cuisine and holiday.

Then lifestyle, sewing and crafts other than soapmaking which has its own section, travel and novels to read.

That is about as far as I have gotten today…then there is this

big pile of crap I dont know what to do with.  For now I am putting in a box to go through later.   AND I have bathed two kittens this morning as well.  So I am needing a nap I think!

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sounds like you do deserve a nap for sure!!! It looks great. My cookbook and other bookshelves look awful. You are a great example to me today…not that I will get to it today…but still….

top picture on the right…Bakers Dozen Cookbook…I’m one of the authors! Seems that’s it’s a former life in which I wrote that…. still a good book. BAKE PIE!!!

Ahhh, being organized. . . nothing like it in the whole world. I work soooo much better organized!!




Looks good!!! We enjoyed the company tonight. Sorry you walked in on a disaster and blood!

Good Lord woman, I thought I was the only one who had so many books!

Thanks for stopping by today – what a great blog you have!


Wow, it looks great! I’m so having book envy right now. What a great collection!