Everyone Needs River Rocks in Their Shower

Or at least I do! I think this is so cool.  I would definitely go for it.

Of course I would also live in a Hobbit House.

Since that is never ever gonna happen, I think I will show husband the river rocks…he’s just weird enough he will probably like them too!

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I think those would be lovely in a shower.

Let us know if you hubby says ok.



I would totally live in a hobbit house too!

Am playing catch up after my hols here. I love the idea of riverrocks in the shower! Those look fabulous and I bet they would massage the bottom of your feet at the same time…oh and I want a hobbit house for myself!

Oh I love the river rock….AND The hobbit houses!! I always love the house in the movie BABE. just so old fashioned and cute..and the barn too.
There was an article in an old Backwoods home magazine a couple years back about a woman pulling in a river rock shower….hmmmmm I will have to find that!


I want a hobbit house… that looks nice and cozy! I bet Jerry will do the shower for you. Thats pretty!!

That river rock shower rocks! Such pretty colors too. Yes, I would definitely love to live in a hobbit house if I were a little bit shorter. 🙂 xxoo

love those river rocks..and the hobbit house too!

LOVE both! My hubby and I are most definitely Hobbits! (We aspire to being Fairies, but are at heart Hobbits ;o) So a river stone bath in a Hobbit Hole would be perfect! Happy Days dreaming… ((HUGS))


I am so happy to finally be here! I kept getting kicked off your site, so someone at MJF suggested using Firefox, which I downloaded, and now here I am. Fantastic site!!