Giveaway Date Announced!

I am going to repost the previous information about the GoGreen with NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bag Giveaway and add the date of the drawing which is July 30 a week from today!  How do you enter?  Leave a message on THIS post. Telling me something GREEN and what you plan to do with the bag should you win it! Check back later today for a recipe!


Yeah, I thought so to.  But I can’t announce the date just yet.  I have this tote in cut out…and I want to have it at least semi finished before I formally announce the dates and how you can win it.  But here is a little picture to whet your appetite.

I picked a lovely blue and natural toile from my endless stack of fabric remnants and a blue and cream floral for the lining.  Lovely huh?  If it is soooo lovely why dont I keep it for myself??? Well because I have between 12 and 973 totes.  I have 10 that I keep in the vehicle now for impromptu grocery shopping.  And more than impromptu,  I couldnt tell you how many times I have gone off and left them so now I unpack them and put them back for next trip.

This is a preview of what the tote will look like.  What I would kinda like to suggest is if you happen to win it and really dont “need” it, then maybe you could re-gift it to someone you would like to see do a little something greener like carry a tote instead of using another disposable grocery bag. Or maybe if you have someone in mind who needs it you might enter on their behalf…and please pass the info along once I get it posted.

I will say I am going to do my best to finish it this next week because Husband comes home the next Thursday and I won’t be doing much crafting for a few days.  So…stay tuned.  I might even get real industrious and throw in some reusable produce bags…how does that sound???

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Susan, I know this post is going to sound cliche’ but I plan on using this bag just as it is intended. I have been wanting to go green for a long time and this is just the incentive I need.
Plus, I get to carry a pretty bag to boot! Now, I am going to tackle the issue of a water bottle. Thanks for the giveaway!

I will put my groceries in it when I go shopping.

I would love to have it to use on my bike rides to the Farm Patch ( a little store down the road from my house) where I get lots of my veggies and fruits. Right now I use my library tote, but I’m having to rethink that one as the last time I returned books I got a complaint about “green leafy” stuff in one the books.
Your tote looks like it’ll be very pretty and match the colours on my bike (is that shallow of me?).


I encourage all to NOT take those plastic bags given so freely at the supermarket-drug store-discount store ect. Please please bring your bag! Even when I’m out junkin’, I bring my own!

You can buy them at most groceries (even insulated) for a nominal fee-as well as I’m sure most of us have “totes” stuffed in closets and basements.

Or if you are lucky enough-WIN ONE!! I do not want to be entered-hope someone gets it who will use it and stop taking plastic ones. Plastic bags fill our landfills, litters our environment and hurts the ecology. Maybe this will be your first step towards becoming enlightened!

I so congratulate you Not Quite June Cleaver for you :going green: I will now think of you as :Green June Cleaver:
good job!

this year i went organic with my vegetable garden. i even pick the bugs off using a jar (uuggghhh!) i like using totes to carry art supplies for each project i’ve got going.

Three words: Saturday Farmer’s Market!

Would love to win it, looks beautiful!

Two things we try to do is use the Flourescent bulbs and adjust the theromostat a couple degrees either higher or lower depending on the season. If I were to win the bag.. I would use it to carry purchases when shopping….
Thanks for sharing!
Kim 🙂

I am debating between 2 things: use it to carry stuff when I bike around town (instead of driving in Los Angeles traffic, of course!) or frame it because it’s sure to be too beautiful to use, being made by the one, the only, NotQuiteJuneCleaver!

I hope I win!!

I have started using my clothes line again a lot more than I used to. The clothes actually take less time to dry on the line than in the dryer most days and I also get to wear a fun clothespin apron that makes doing that task more fun!
I would use the bag just as a shopping bag. I keep thinking I need to make some totes for shopping whenever I see them, but never get around to it and end up using the grocery store’s bags anyway. It makes me feel really bad every time I do it. Even if I don’t win the tote bag, I will make sure to start using reusable bags right away!


Happy Wednesday! You have picked two lovely fabrics to make the tote bag. I go to the YMCA to exercise my osteo
arthritic knees in their pool. This tote would be wonderful
for taking my clothes and towel. I would use the tote when
I am fun shopping. I enjoy decorating and small vintage finds. A tote would hold these items. Our family has stopped using plastic water bottles and we each have our own reusable ones. Please enter me in your fabulous tote giveaway drawing. I really appreciate it. Many thanks, Cindi

I use cloth bags for my groceries and I buy texas groen products from our farmers market. I also take recyclable stuff to a friend who has it in his area.

I would use this wonderful bag for my Farmers Market trips every Tuesday!!

Being green already, I would use this bag for carrying all the fresh produce I get from our farmer’s market, which is under the overpass, here in Baltimore.

I do, however, collect the plastic bags because I am cutting them up and crocheting them into outdoor rugs. They are really handy and can be hosed off, banged on the ground to get the moisture off and put right back to do their duty again. They are so practical and a great way to recycle.’

Thanks for hostessing the giveaway! xxoo

In all honesty, I would use it to lug my kids’ stuff around in, ha!

I would definitely use this as a shopping bag. I am trying to increase my “bag stash” I never have enough!


I would use the bag to take my lunch to work in, instead of a plastic bag.. I also might use it to go grocery shoppping!

I am raising and growing as much of my own food as I possibly can. We have a large garden and can and dehydrate to last until the next garden season. We raise all of our own meats and they are mostly grass fed. I shop local whenever possible. We go without A/C in the main part of the house. We are currently using only one vehicle, so I stay home most of the time.

I would use the bag to carry our groceries in and also to take food with us, when we are out running errands.

Hello! I love the bag, and like most people, I would use it to shop.

I don’t know if you are looking for a different green thing. We get our produce locally as much as possible, we grow what we can (we are novices, though and so don’t grow as much as we’d like), we barter with friends who are better at it, trading our eggs, honey and preserves for fruit, vegetables and flowers, and we buy from local farmers. Another thing we do is make our own laundry detergent and fabric softener with ingredients that won’t kill our septic tank or poison us.

Carry all my books, notebooks, and supplies for spending most of the day in the car driving someone else’s kid to school! 100,000 miles later, I’m tired! I think that beautiful print would perk me right up. Thanks, I enjoy reading your blog and checking out the foodie and crafty stuff in particular.

I need another one for the farmers Market. Great giveaway!


I’m going to have a greenhouse built from windows that I’m reusing from a house built in 1940. We live in the country and have a huge compost pile so I’ll be able to grow my own plants with our compost. I hope to sell extra’s at our local farmers market.

I’d use the bag as a goodie bag when I visit my company’s clients. I work for a staffing service and we like to bring sweets to our clients from time to time.


If I were to be the lucky winner of your beautiful ‘green’ bag, I would pass it along to my sister, since she needs a new one and loves anything blue and white as well. We are both big believers in Living Green; we recycle and Freecycle and grow our own when possible. We shop local, walk, drink water from the faucett and water our plants from th rain barrel. That’s only the tip of the iceburg as to what we both try to do to help save our planet. Thank you.

I just found your giveaway. The bag is so beautiful.
Please add my name to your drawing:)

Oops, I didn’t tell you what I would do with the bag or something green.

I have one tote that I use for shopping and need more than one for grocery shopping. So….I would use the bag for grocery shopping along with the one bag that I have.

betty lou

Our family does the normal “green” things – recycle, use real plates and silverware, reusable containers (not using baggies for everything was, and still is sometimes, a hard habit to break), and taking own shopping bags (that always gets a comment!). We still have a long way to go, but we’re trying!
Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful bag!

Why, I’d be the belle of the farmer’s market carrying such a lovely bag while picking out my produce and snatching up my handmade soaps! Shopping close to home and supporting our local farmers – especially those who grow crops and raise cattle organically are two of the ways we are trying to be ‘green’. Putting food by for winter while it is plentiful in summer is also part of the ‘green’ plan for our family. We also compost veggie scraps, recycle everything we can, use ‘gray water’ to water the garden, and buy only real food – not ‘food like substances’ that are so common in grocery stores today.

Love your recipes by the way!

Kam A

My family is very good about recycling and reusing items. We also unplug small appliances, like the toaster, when not in use. I would use this bag to go to the Farmer’s Market or take to the grocery store- thank you for the giveaway!

M Hawkins

Hi there,

I am a newbie organic convert and have spend the last 7 months or so researching my new lifestyle. This is also the first year where I actually grew my own herbs and tomotoes all by myself! I actually thought making these adjustmennts would be hard but when you realize the pros and cons it becomes very easy.

The bag is so chic and stylish that I would take it with me to the mall (I try and not use the store plastic bags) and the farmer’s market (my new Sat morning hangout!).

And I love your posts on recipes and household help! 🙂


I plan to use it when we travel…Now that I don’t take plastic bags from grocery store shopping, I need something to have the essentials in easy reach. The bag is beautiful…I am so glad you have that wonderful supply of great fabrics!
Thanks for your fun website!

So beautiful! If I win it, I hope to use it for my weekly supermarket run!

My husband and I eat locally, we compile errands and drive cars with high MPGs we also recycle and reuse everything we can. And if I win the it will go to every farmers market and tag sale I hit this year 🙂 PS I love your blog

I am capturing rain water this summer and using it to water our garden. Also am encouraging Mr. Toad (he’s pictured on my blog!) to eat as many insects as he can hold. Keeping the garden pesticide free is paying off with dancing butterflies today.

If I were so lucky as to win the tote, I’d use it to tote (1) books to/from the library, (2) essential groceries from the market, (3) tomatoes from the garden, (4) treasures to the consignment shop to earn some mad money!

Thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes. Always a joy to visit your blog.


What a beautiful bag! If I were to win it I would use it for shopping or trips to the library.
My family has made steps to going green by using totes at the grocery, switching out to those energy smart light bulbs, walking whenever possible, and recycling everything that we can. My DD whose has been at camp for the last couple of weeks even worked on a recycling project for the whole camp.