"Green" Idea of the Day:Thursday

Whole House Off Switch

I can’t wait to show this to Husband. He had just told me about how cool it was when he was in Scotland week before last at his hotel in Aberdeen, you had to place your key card in a slot in the room to turn on the power. Then as you left and shut the door behind you it automatically turned everything off. He was very impressed with this technology. Something we had never considered. And he wondered why US hotels dont do the same. Sounds like a good plan to us!

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They used this method in the Philippines and Thailand as well. A great idea unless you want to come in to a cool room or house after being in the heat all day.


Shannon said the hotel in Mexico did that too. He said the only problem was it was VERY hot in there, although he said he was lucky to have it after seeing how some people there lived.

Husband runs into the “heat” issue as well in Tunisia but in Scotland it was balmy 40 I think he said. Are we spoiled to some air conditioning or what???

That is a great idea!