I did a little something GREEN today…

baby steps…baby steps.  When my daughters read this they are going laugh hysterically.  Knowing what a BIG step this is for me, they should not make fun of me or snicker behind my back when I am having withdrawal.  I have spent the last 2 hours filling out forms to stop junk mail.  Yep…Catalogs.  Lovely, paper catalogs.  Oh how do I love thee, let me count the ways.  I love your smell, the of your pages,  the volume by which you come to me via my lovely extra large rural mailbox, that at times had trouble holding you all!

So many days I have lugged in the mail (not even joking) and thought to myself and at times said outloud “I wonder just how many trees died for us today.” The more I thought it, the more I said it, the worse I felt about it.  I mean come on, everything you could possible want to buy is online (and many things you shouldn’t!).  So why my obsession with the real life catalog?  Who knows?  But it is time I gave them up.  Past time.  Now magazines…that’s another story.  One thing at a time!

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That’s a really positive step Susan! I really need to do thsi myself. I don’t even look at half the catalogues that come through my door way these days. In the old days the only catalogue we ever got was the Sears Roebuck catalogue and it was loved literally to pieces! The old one was always given to us girls to cut paper dolls etc. out of. We had so much fun with them from beginning to end . . .

A small step, but one the trees you’ll help save will appreciate nonetheless 🙂


Green June~you are taking a giant step in saving our trees!! However, when you are done with the ones you have-they can be recycled. I recycle everything they will take-especially junk mail. Does anyone know how to stop that? You will inspire many people by your baby steps!!

A terrific resource is Once you register, you can sit down periodically with the catalogs that you get but don’t want and specifically opt-out from the company. And hey, baby steps are how everyone learns to walk!