No Rest for the Weary

It seems I am into a sleep pattern again that is going to have to be broken even if it means taking medication one or two nights. I am simply not getting enough rest.  Yeah, I might have been able to operate on 3-4 hours sleep in my younger days, but not any more.  Nope, I NEED 6-8 with maybe a nap thrown in mid day.

I find myself waking up for NO apparent reason at 3:29 EVERY morning.   Without fail.  I think it is time for a couple doses of Tylenol PM.  Sometimes, rarely, I am able to go back to sleep but most times I just toss and turn awhile and then get up.  Not that I dont have plenty to do, but I dont want to do it before daylight.

Today I am going to go to the gym early.  Yes, I said gym.  As in exercise.  I didnt mention it before because I find it hard to fail in front of so many people.  I started back last week.  Curves here in my little town has ALL new equipment/machines/torture devices.  They are actually pretty cool and very helpful and no it isnt like having a person trainer but it will have to do.  I have to go into town almost everyday to take Rachel to work, so why not stop?  Its on my way.  And I really REALLY need to move more.  So, no promises, but I am going to give it a whirl.  Now back to the original thought.  After I go to the gym I am going to come home and tackle the rest of the book shelves and the schoolroom.  Time to get the schoolroom in order for this next term that starts in just a few weeks.  That is going to be a major undertaking.  The schoolroom is a disaster area!  AND I stole the table out of it for my work area,

so I have to think about what I am going to do about that.  The girls and I are going antiquing tomorrow so maybe I will come up with something then.  The table I stole was actually too big for the room so no great loss.  And I would really like to have a smaller round table I think.

Did I ever mention how much I like natural wood with white?  Well, I do.

And how a recipe to share.  Frankly, I don’t know what in the world some of these people were thinking “back in the day”.  Maybe they were just so excited about Jello that they thought absolutely anything would be good with it or in it.  This recipe is from one of my vintage magazines, Good Housekeeping July 1953.

Isn’t it an adorable cover?  I have considered framing it.

Now just in case you think tomato sauce and Jello sounds delish, I give you Barbecue Salad:

All I can say is “WOW”.   I will try to post you something edible tomorrow.

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I love the white paint with natural wood look myself! I also love vintage magazines and I would defintely be framing that cover! It’s wonderful! Looking forward to your edible as well!

Look, you need to go look at the store I got my desk and chair at. Also, look at the furniture section at the goodwill. You can maybe find something there you could fix up and make really cute. But that one craft/antique store by the bank… you HAVE to go look. I am willing to bet there is something really cute in place of the desk I bought. If you get something there you don’t HAVE to work on it any. She does a bunch of shabby chic. Your office is looking cute. You will enjoy that.


I am not a great sleeper either. Sometimes I take Ambien and it works great for me. Tylenol PM (aka benedryl and tylenol) actually makes me feel very awake. Whatever you have to do I hope you can start sleeping. A good nights rest makes all the difference for me.

I am fairly new to shopping at the thrift store. I had one of the neatest experiences this past weekend when my hubby and I stopped at Salvation Army and literally found the furniture of my dreams!!!! I found two pieces of Hitchcock furniture right there at the thrift store…a hutch and a darling chest of drawers in minty mint condition and with the tags still on! I thought I would just die…just one little piece of this furniture has been on my life long wish list but I was reluctant to pay 800. for just a little chair! Let alone a hutch and chest of drawers. So my point is…if I were you, I’d take a little look at the thrift store for a school table! I bet you will find something suitable.
Have a great night!

My husband started working midnights…so I’ve too had episodes of sleeplessness. Also I think some panic attacks in the middle of the night..worrying about the economy, etc. These are tough times…take care of yourself. And have fun antiquing!

I left you something on my bloggie!


I love reading old cookbooks. A lot of those dishes just make me laugh out loud, once I finish gagging that is. Wow, NEVER would have thought to mix lemon Jello with tomato sauce.

I feel for you on the getting enough rest. I have been lax in my getting enough for myself. Love the table by the window. If I put mine by the window, all I would see is the traffice from the city. Ugh! And other people would be able to see ME through it! Double Ugh! xxoo

Oh my goodness. Small world indeed. I just finished posting to my blog an “ode to Jell-O” which included this BBQ jello salad recipe that I photographed from a vintage cookbook too…then I clicked on someone else’s blog which brought me to your blog and lo & behold…the same recipe!! Simpatico? Kindred spirits? At least we were both on the same page about the recipe…YUCK! 🙂

I am a 3:00 riser too. I stay up and work at the computer. When I hit menopause the 8 hours sleep went away! I try to get an afternoon nap.

That jello recipe: eew. 😉

Oh yes, the sleep issue. Well, I went through the. . . exact. . . same. . . thing. It’s called MENOPAUSE. Oh yes, it stinks. But it’s the beginning signs. I went through it. You’re doctor will be able to give you something to get through this. We ladies NEED our sleep.



OH I love the vintage cover.. that is so adorable!!!
and the recipe.. well NOT being a jello lover… the tomato idea just totally killed it!! LOL LOL

I have no idea what to say about that recipe… !
Natural wood and white is gorgeous, I agree. 🙂