Poor, poor pumpkins

I have no excuse for letting my pumpkin patch get so out of control.  None what so ever.  Now it is a massive undertaking.

I really cant believe I am sharing this picture.  Makes me ashamed of my lazy self.  I LOVE my pumpkins every Autumn.  Others love my pumpkins as well.  I am about half finished weeding as you can see.  And I watered the heck out of them.  A couple of plants have blooms so that is promising.  We never plant your ordinary orange Halloween pumpkins.  Here are a picture of another year’s harvest.


And a little better one…

I have quite a job ahead of me – finishing this today is my goal.

BTW: It is very hard to type with a kitten helping!

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I for one hope your pumpkins do well! ha ha. I love them, they are always so pretty!!

I love all the different pumpkins you grow. How colorful and there are so many shapes and sizes. What is your favorite eating pumpkin?

Wow! Look at all those pumpkins. You sure are making me long for Fall!

What a darling kitty too.



I’m sure I remember your pumpkin pic from last year – gorgeous. Is that a new kitty – or have I not been paying attention? I love ginger kitties as you might know!