Realizing Our Dreams

Hannah says to me night before last: “Not many people realize their life long dream when they are but 19, almost 20.” It was partially a joke but only partially.  It is well known “in these parts” that we don’t push our kids.  Not where goals are involved. Sometimes maybe we should have. But we don’t live vicariously through them.  My life goals/dreams were met when I married Husband and we began to fill our home with the sounds of children.  That is all I have ever wanted to do in my life.  Oh besides write a cookbook or two, run a business or two, learn a new skill every now and then.  But never anything that would take me from the comfort of my home. I know all the NOW members are cringing and quite possibly becoming nauseous at this statement.  And I am sure SO many of them read my blog!! I am a firm believer that any woman on a bad day can do most if not more than what a man can do on a good day.  And you all know how I love and respect Husband but he has seen my job(s) and he doesnt want it.  Said so himself.  Many times.  He is a bit old fashioned when it comes to how we live our lives together.  He knows I am smart enough (maybe not educated enough) to do anything I want to do.  I am also smart enough to know I am doing it.  I can do WAY more than I am willing to. He also knows a woman who makes a home deserves as much respect as someone who chose to go in a different direction.

But back to Hannah and her dreams.  When she was a little bitty girl her very favorite game was to check groceries.  It usually took me several hours to several days to get groceries all put away after coming in from the store.  I quickly put anything perishable away and left the rest in the middle of the floor for her to play with for hours.  She would set herself up a check out stand with a scanner (usually several cereal boxes stacked up) and she would scan and sack and unsack and scan and sack  for hours on end.  I would get so amused at her turning cans looking for the bar code just like she had seen the real checkers do.  This is really the only “pretend” thing she ever played.  She told me so many times “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a checker girl.” My response: “Well you might change your mind, but if you don’t I want you to be the best checker girl you can be.”  Later her goals changed a little bit in that she also wants to marry a Scottish man and have lots of children.  And since she starts working as a checker girl the last week  of August, the latter goal maybe a bit more difficult to realize.  For starters, we dont know any Scottish men and arent terribly likely to meet any in the near future.  Oh and of course he has to treat her like her Daddy treats me.  That is a definite requirement.  And those are big shoes to fill.  But it can be done.  Oldest Daughter’s husband is one of the greatest guys we have ever known.  They remind Husband and me so much of ourselves.  If they are as happy as we are after 30+ years together then what more could anyone want?  Jessica (oldest daughter) says sometimes it is a little creepy how much her husband is like her Daddy but I dont think she would want it any other way.

PS: I asked Hannah if it was okay to post this and she says “Mom, I dont know if you have noticed this, but I really love for people to talk about me.”  She isnt kidding.  And here she is at about 2 years…too cute.

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What a doll.

You are most fortunate to have the man of your dreams.

What a great post. I found the man of my dreams the second time around. Now I am happily being his at-home wife.

Look t that cute little Hannah!


I love hearing about your girls. Send that daughter up this way. My little girl does Competitive Highland Dancing and we frequently attend Highland Games for the competitions & they are filled with handsome young men of Scottish decent. I actually know a few & they are real sweet “boys.”


ChocolateChic & Paula in NH: Thank you and I do know how blessed I am!

Michelle: Can you tell what a prissytail she was???

Laura: I will let Hannah know of your offer!


Love, love that precious picture of Hannah! Sure am going to miss that girl. We won’t ever have a student worker of her caliber around here again. I will have to come by for a visit after she leaves us.