Doesnt look too friendly does he?  I was out making my rounds this morning, doing a bit of walking and watering and there he was looking all grumpy. So I “snapped” a quick picture and left him be.  He is in fact an common snapping turtle.  I am  sure he came out of the pond behind our house.  Where he was going was anyone’s guess. Not a clear picture but for perspective:

I really thought he was a alligator snapping turtle(this pic is from Wikipedia)

due to the ridges on his tail…so cool looks like a dragon’s tail.

However his shell is smooth (and muddy as you can see) and apparently they too have spikes on their tails….so I suppose he is a common snapping turtle. Probably TMI for most of you but having homeschooled for 20+ years, every critter is a refresher course or a “WOW, I didnt know that!” moment.

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ewww… I cannot remember if the one we had out here had those horns on his shell or not. All I remember is the thing was a meanie! You will need to help us figure out how to “fine tune” those owls…. also come out for a cookie if you get the chance!

He IS cranky looking. We don’t have snapping turtles here that I know of…very cool. My boys would NEVER be able to leave him alone.

I am right there with you. We have tons of these “walking” around our place, coming from our pond.

A little hint: Don’t let your husband put one in the back of the pick-up truck to show your guest later……..They get out somehow and you don’t know where to walk as to not scare them and they “snap at you”……..Just a little something we found out one day, lol !!

Thanks for sharing ,

I’d probably be cranky too if I wollered around in mud that is a “poopy” color!