The Gift that Keeps on Giving…

The Dreaded Summer Cold!  Thanks girls!  I REALLLY appreciate it!  I feel like my head might explode -that will be a mess!  I have a sniffle in my snuffle. AND Husband comes home tonight so I am working double time to get bed linens changed, bathroom spic and span, general housekeeping done.   I got a text from him at 12:37 this morning saying he was thru security in Tunis waiting on the plane to leave for Paris.  And then he called at 6:17 am saying he was on the plane in Paris waiting to head to Atlanta.  He is in flight now.  And I will pick him up tonight at 10 if all goes as planned. I really really need to feel better by them.  I went back to sleep after he called and didnt get up till nearly 10.  Yeah, you read that right.  TEN! I do feel some better – so much pressure in my head but I am taking DayQuil as often as allowed.  So…maybe just maybe I will feel better by tonight.  Seeing him step thru the gate at the airport will help tremendously!

OH…and heads up to two things 1)another interview soon – only hint: it is soap related! And I will be doing another give away soon! I have a very special book to offer up.  An autographed copy from a fellow blogger!  Sound exciting?  It is! More on that later.

Benjamin is about to put a brisket in the oven for supper.  He’s pretty handy.

Got tons to do before I have to leave to pick Husband up!

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Oh, dear! Get better SOON!!!

Sorry to read that you haved a summer cold. Nothing worse! Hope you feel better soon and that you had a lovely reunionwith your hubby!


Sorry your under the weather, but it sounds as if dinner will be good. Hope your better soon!
Isn’t it amazing how someone can be in Paris in the am, Atlanta in the middle of the day and home someplace else. Hope he arrives safe and sound

Oh no! Not again…rest when you can, hope you feel better real soon.