We're off to see the Wizard!

Not really…off to see the dreaded mammogram machine.  I really dislike this yearly task.  I am always sore for a week or more afterwards.  There has to be a better way.  I think if smashing “something” between two pieces glass attached to an EXTREMELY heavy machine until the tissue being examined was nearly paper thin,  was how they checked for testicular cancer, someone would come up with a better way!  What do I know, that maybe how they check.  But I think we would have heard some serious complaining if it were.  Oh well…here I go.  With four of my kiddos in tow!  It will be a great day.  Shopping, laughing, shopping, smashing–well most of it will be fun!

Have a great Friday!

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Hope all goes…Wouldn’t it be great if they could find another alternative screening method than squishing our boobs?! I’ve not had mine squished yet…I’m still slightly under age for all this nonsense…dread it! Hope you had great shopping afterwards for consolation–LOL! Oh, love the sneak peak of your tote–looks lovely! Happy weekend ((HUGS))

Sounds like a fun day! NOT!
Well at least the smashing part.

Awwwww-good luck! we have a wonderful center here-all that’s missing is a cute little cabana boy bringing you drinks.
try and have a good day!

My Hubs busted out laughing at that.

But VERY important as we al know. My BFF from high school just has a mastectomy. BUT she is doing well.

Well I hope you have fun besides the smashing and find great bargains or something to make up for it!!
I am due for mine too….and I know I will have 4 kids along when I go too..good thing they all like to read..they do well in waiting rooms..
go out for a nice lunch or something!!!

Last year I had a mammo that wasn’t just for screening (yikes) so my hubs went with. Out in the waiting room they had a sign trumpeting “The Softer Mammogram”. He said “look, that sounds like it will help.” I said “no way…trust me.” Silly, loving but naive hubby. Sure enough, it was a thin piece of foam on the plate of the mammo machine. ROFL. I knew that wasn’t going to really make a difference…and it didn’t. Nice try, though. At that point I basically tell the tech “I know you have to squish me, go ahead and do what you have to do so you can see whatever that problem is.” There are other methods to look at breasts, but apparently they all have their drawbacks and none can see everything that needs to be looked at on its own. So the yearly squeeze shall continue…*sigh*…;-)


Have you been to Mamma Mia yet? If not, I think you will LOVE it – go see it with your girls. It’s a wonderful musical – the songs are terrific and Meryl Streep is fantastic and Pierce isn’t so bad either ; ) I love the scene when the daughter goes to the mom and asks her to help her get ready for the wedding. The look on the moms face is priceless and the song Meryl sings about time slipping through your hands……..