What a surprise!

I got the greatest surprise yesterday.  You know, just when you think surely this man you have been with for 35 years couldnt possibly suprise you, he does!  I get an IM from him with a link to a website. I am going away for my birthday! Four days and 3 nights in a cabin by the lake.  You know I have admitted on here, in public, I am a total hotel snob.  But these cabins are very modern with all the amenities I expect PLUS a heart shaped jacuzzi for two! We can get away for a few days, just the two of us, and celebrate my birthday as well as our 31st anniversary, which he will be gone for.  Doesnt he have great ideas???

The cabins have a full kitchen and we will be doing our own cooking.  One reason being we cook better than most restaurants within driving distance.  And secondly, we genuinely enjoy cooking together.  We make quite the team in the kitchen.  All I have come up with so far is surf and turf (sans the surf for me).  I have to really think of what our favorite meals are and work on getting supplies together or making part ahead and freezing.  We can sit out on the covered porch and drink coffee every morning, take long walks, fish if we like, just hang out with each other…sounds lovely to me.  Very thoughtful of him.

I am not much of a camper so if you have suggestions, I am all ears!

Now a photo for you.  These are my little pumpkins peeking out – how exciting!

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You guys will have a great time! I wondered if you would plant the pumpkins this year. Boy with this drought I finally had to let my garden go. Next year we will have grow boxes similar to sq ft gardening. Hopefully that will cut down on the watering and cost. I hope they make this year we would love to come visit for photos. 🙂

That sounds exciting and really wonderful! I hope that you have a great time! Pumpkins are great! They grow like weeds!


Your husband is a sweetheart. All your ideas sound great but I’d have to take some books and mags to read as well. I always have to have something to read and sometimes I read to my hubby in the car while he’s driving…
Happy cooking! Let us know what you made when you get back home.
Bon Voyage!


Your birthday getaway sounds so romantic. What a dear husband you have.