Winner of the Green Bag Giveaway Announced!

Bernadette!  Yeah!  Your name/number (21) was drawn this morning! Well Yeah! for your sister!  You stated in your comment that if you won the bag would go to your sister so congrats to both of you!

If I were to be the lucky winner of your beautiful ‘green’ bag, I would pass it along to my sister, since she needs a new one and loves anything blue and white as well. We are both big believers in Living Green; we recycle and Freecycle and grow our own when possible. We shop local, walk, drink water from the faucett and water our plants from th rain barrel. That’s only the tip of the iceburg as to what we both try to do to help save our planet. Thank you.

I zipped you an email so get back to me with your address and I will get it right out in the mail!

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