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Category 5 – not good

Looks pretty scary from where I sit.  Just still planning to hunker down.  We have a generator and gasoline and food and water to last for a few days.  I will be in touch when I can.


Gustav Update

Looks like it might be a catagory 1 by the time it gets to my house.  Hoping all of you around the coast are taking precautions.  There is already no water and little bread at the grocery.  Makes me a little uneasy about getting supplies but I wont be alone if I run out.  There are so many people that don’t have the money to stock up.

When Hannah picks Rachel up from work (at the grocery store) I am going to have her see about a few more canned things.  If I lose contact early next week, I will try to let you all know how we fared.  I might not have much to say in the next couple of days…lots to do before Gustav comes rolling in.


Thoughtful Thursday

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it’s right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it.  ~Patrick Young

This Thursday’s will be more timely I suppose.  We are preparing to hunker down and accept what comes our way via Hurricane Gustav (at the moment Tropical Storm Gustav but expected to strengthen).  I have purchased some extra water and will run into town today to pick up a few more easily prepared groceries and canned drinks.  I will double check our emergency kits and quite possibly purchase a little battery powered radio.

My youngest brother called last night and he will be here tonight to stay for a few days or until after the storm.  He lives in New Orleans and waited almost too late with Katrina.  I am happy he decided to head out now.

Here are a couple of maps just to let  you know where we are in relation to the storm and the computer generated probability of the path. We are the white dot in Western Louisiana.

Then just on the tail of Gustav is Tropical Depression 9 to be named Hanna if it develops.  From what they are predicting it is not IF but WHEN it develops.

The girls asked me yesterday if their having jobs would affect whether or not we would leave and go to my brother’s north of here if the weather warrented it.  Nope.  ‘Fraid not.  If Mama Suzi said load up, then we will all load up and the grocery store will continue without them.  I like all my chicks in one basket when times are stressful.  And if I think we need to leave town, then we will ALL leave town.  The kitties will have to be left as my sister in law is VERY allergic.  But we left our cats during Rita and they were fine.  Leave enough food, extra litter boxes and plenty of water.  I have one of those HUGE pet waterers I will fix if necessary.  Good thing about cats, they wont eat themselves into a stooper.

The reality is unless it comes at us directly, we will be better off to just stay put, possibly going over to my mom’s house as it is brick and has no trees close.  We have these HUGE oaks on three sides now.  I am VERY VERY happy we had the half dead one cut just two weeks ago. It would not have stood much wind at all.

I will also go by the bank this morning and get some cash.  Both vehicles are full as well as the extra gas cans we have for mowing and such.  I will put as many bags of ice in my freezers as possible so that if we lose electricity I can take food from the refrigerator and keep it a little longer.

I hope all you Gulf Coast folks are fine and dandy when this is all over.  I know how hard Florida was hit by Fay and it looks as though Hanna might be headed back that way soon. Stay safe and make your preparations.

Maybe by next week we will have more pleasant things on our minds.  Maybe some sewing or good recipes.

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