Ain't it so!

You Belong in 1954

You’re fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

Just a little something fun this morning.  I am working on my list of things to do just in case we get bad weather next week.  Or just in case the Southern part of our state does and we have lots of company from down South.
I don’t normally worry about such thing.  But I think with the resent weather history, I would like to err on the side of caution for once in my life.  And finally I feel motivated about something!  You know I wrote a little apology over on a board I use to visit.  I havent been myself in over a year now and I really, REALLY need to find myself again and do something constructive and that makes me feel creative.  Oh, I have done a little project here and there but I need to find my new niche.  I have a few little holiday projects I want to give a try and if they turn out to be worth sharing, you know I will.
Back up to the “You belong in 1954” – a bit innocent.  I never think of myself as naive or innocent until it is pointed out.  Just like last week when we were talking about our trip to Paris back in April and I have no idea where or how this came up but one of the girls said something about the “working woman” that hung out on the corner of the street our hotel was on.  HUH?  You mean that older lady who we saw standing on the corner everytime we walked by?  She was a prostitute???? Are you kidding me?  The thought never enter my mind.  I thought she was just hanging out I guess.  The girls just rolled with laughter.  “Mom, didnt you notice how she was dressed?”  I said “But did YOU see how old she was?”  Hannah goes “Mom, if she wasnt dressed head to toe in black and walking like someone was chasing her, then she was selling something! I love you Mom, you are so naive.”

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Hi, there! Great to see you posting again…hope you don’t get too bad weather there…Such fun with this quiz! I’m 1958!! :o)

I’m a 1952 girl!! What a fun quiz. I also took the Diva Decade test and I am a 1950’s diva. Go figure. 🙂

Oh, I think that’s a compliment. There is an innocent quality about being niave that I think is just charming. I’d rather be niave than so “worldly” wouldn’t you?



It’s good to be prepared…I hope all remains peaceful though, and I ‘ll keep a good thought!
Now, to take that quiz!!

I was one!!

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