Cookie Cutter Update

I am mailing these today!  I finally found enough little boxes to package them in!  Gotta love living in a small town!  No boxes to be had but when I took Husband to the airport yesterday, I picked them up.  I will package them and get them out the door today!

Thanks for your patience.  If anyone else is interested, email me and I will put you on a little list if you want one.  When I go back to the culinary shop I will check for them again.

Have a wonderful day!  Busy, busy here!

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Guess I missed out regarding cookie cutters – could you please explain? I’m really into making cookie cutter cookies! Stay safe. Thanks so much – Francine

are these the skinny cookie cutters for the cream wafers??
i would like three of them if you are taking names for a list again, i really would love to make them with these cutters….

I hadnt had anyone ask in a while but I will pick some up as soon as I can. Email me your address and I will send you a paypal invoice when I get them. I think they are about $2 each, maybe a bit more.