Gustav Update

Looks like it might be a catagory 1 by the time it gets to my house.  Hoping all of you around the coast are taking precautions.  There is already no water and little bread at the grocery.  Makes me a little uneasy about getting supplies but I wont be alone if I run out.  There are so many people that don’t have the money to stock up.

When Hannah picks Rachel up from work (at the grocery store) I am going to have her see about a few more canned things.  If I lose contact early next week, I will try to let you all know how we fared.  I might not have much to say in the next couple of days…lots to do before Gustav comes rolling in.

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I hope everything goes okay! My friend who is at Nasa in Galveston says they are all on alert just in case. Be safe.

Praying that Gustav does not reach land and that you ard your family are all safe and sound.




I am preparing too. Our power went out last weekend due to a downed tree and our generator broke down. Of course we can’t get it fixed for love or money.

Everyone in the path, take care.


Be safe! We completely understand if you are scarce for a while.

I will sure be keeping your family in my prayers….take care!!!