Irish Walking Cape — FOR ME!!

This is my birthday present from Husband.

How adorable is this??? I have wanted a cape…red cape for like, oh 20 years!!  It should be here the first of the week.  Now if it will just get cold enough to wear it and not have a heat stroke!!

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That is so beyond gorgeous!

I’ve never seen one of those before. I love it!!! Mmmm . . . my birthday is in October. I wonder if I could convince DH I need one of these. After all living in New England it would come in handy, wouldn’t it?

What a beautiful gift. I bet you will look lovely in it. Your husband has exceedingly good taste, but then again, he married you!


Thats cute! I know you will love it. I am off to Natchitoches, hopefully I can see you soon!


Takes my breath away, that is gorgeous! Happy Birthday and enjoy!

That is absolutely gorgeous.

How beautiful! I remember the red cape I had too many years ago to count. It was full length and cost 50 cents from a thrift store in Ellicott City, MD. It had a hood and everyone called me .. well you know .. Red Riding Hood. I didn’t care, loved that cape. 🙂 Enjoy yours, bet you’ll look lovely in it. What a great husband you have. xxoo