It's that time of year…

are you prepared?  If you live anywhere along the Gulf coast you have horrid memories of at least one hurricane maybe more.  Probably more.  Well we have another hurricane brewing and headed for the Gulf of Mexico.  Looks like Gustav will make it to the warm gulf waters sometime Sunday.

This can’t mean anything good for anyone.  Am I prepared?  No, of course not.  But I am getting started right away.  Batteries, bottled water, gathering my buckets to pull water in case of electricity loss, gas cans filled (both petrol and butane), both vehicles full at all times, a few extra canned goods, maybe a box of powdered milk (I think mine is out of date).  It will keep me busy a few days so I dont miss Husband too too bad for the first few days of his absence.  Of course I will be keeping a keen eye.  It seems nothing like this happens when Husband is home.  🙁

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We don’t have hurricanes here in Michigan. . . but man do we get snow storms. Stranded for days, no power, heat, etc.

I think every state has their “elements” don’t you?



Up in Nova Scotia, we often experienced the tail end of hurricanes. I hope things bode well for you and you stay safe, and warm and not too waterlogged! (((hugs)))

We are going to head home after lunch. Shannon wants me to get water today. He said the way my month has gone since he has been gone we probably WILL get hit with this thing!

We’re down in Baton Rouge. I’m trying to use up stuff from the freezer this week in case we lose power. Bleh.

Yep, it’s showing a Morgan City hit possibly, and they are already talking of issuing evacuation orders on Friday. My dad lives in M.C. and it’s the big Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, AND it’s my birthday this weekend. We’re in Houma, so we’d be on the ‘bad’ side of the storm if it goes that way. We’d probably head toward Lafayette if we decide to hit the road.