Kitty help please

Okay, you have met Julius and Napolean (or LaPolean as Sam calls him).  They are R-O-T-T-E-N.  Spoiled completely. Evidence #1:

I wonder how many hours a day he would sit with Benjamin??? But here is the problem.  Poop.  Specifically kitten poop.  They use the litter box with gusto…unless they find some place else they would like to leave a little gift.  Like the floor of the girls room.  Or a box of tissue paper I had in my shoppe.  So here is my question: How do I break them of this? My first instinct is to ring their adorable little necks. I think that is a bad choice.  I know with a puppy some people rub their noses in it if they pee on things but with a cat – who I know is smarter than me…what do I do??? Husband will NOT ALLOW them to stay if this keeps on.  He let them nap all over us yesterday while we were watching the Olympics but pooping other places than the litter box will sour him very quickly on their cuteness.  I will take any and all suggestions.

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I would keep putting the poop in the litter box and then putting them back in it. Do you think maybe if you had 2 boxes they may go in it more? Like maybe they think their poo is crowded… LOL
That little kitty is to darn cute!

sari almeida

you need more litter boxes. each car should have their own and the have to be kept clean. most cats don’t like too many poops and pee things in the boxes. I found the best cat litter is the one that clumps, with no extra odors. good luck!

One thing that I did was to put the poop back into the litter box, put them in it and “teach” them how to use it.

Put their noses to the poo and make them smell it, then using your hand to make their front paws cover it slightly, make them smell it again, cover some more, and resmell.

I would also probably keep them in an enclosed room for a day or so just so that they would get used to pooing in the litter box.

Some would say to give them another litter box, but I disagree. I had 2 adults and 4 kittens all using the same litter box and there was never a problem. I did clean it out quite a bit during the days that the kittens were still around.

Make sure you clean the litter box at least twice a day.

I used to have more than one cat and they only ever had one littler box. I keep it in one of the bathrooms and use the clay littler. It gets scooped everytime there is a poop … or when we get home if we happen to be out for the day, and flushed (the clay doesn’t damage my septic system). I am down to one cat and still keep this ritual.

We only had problems when they were little kittens. I would put them in the bathroom and close them in at night. Keep picking them up during the day and putting them in the box so they knew that was where they were to go. Eventually, we had no problems. I always felt my issues were because the kittens were actually younger than they should have been when I took them home and they didn’t have proper training from their momma.

Good luck!!


Keep them enclosed in one room for a day with their litter box. Add another litter box somewhere else in the house. Make sure you clean up the spot where they had an accident very good or else they will smell it and continue to go in that spot.

NO suggestions other than the very good ones that have been given here already. Good Luck!

Ohhh….what a cutie-pie!! I’ve no experience with kittens, only grown cats…But Chocolatechic’s suggestions make wise sense…Hope this go well…And look forward to more kitty photos ((HUGS))


My sentiments go with the above comments. The only time my cats will leave gifts elsewhere is when their kitty litter hasn’t been scooped daily. We also keep all doors shut so our animals are limited to where they can “visit”.

Make sure you really clean the spot where the poop was left behind or the odour will attract them back.

I have my kitty litter in a closet, with a kitty door cut into it. They are free to go as they please and my dogs can’t get at it (a LOT of dogs like to eat kitty poop. I had one that helped himself to it…nothing like CLUMPING kitty poop & litter getting barfed over your bed at 2 am!!).

Clean the litter once to twice daily.

Other than that, perhaps kitty has some kind of bowel problem? Seriously…I have a cat with a spastic bowel or something dumb like that.

Chrys in KS

I am a veterinary technician and this is one of the biggest reasons cats get taken to the animal shelter. Good suggestions above but I will add: Rubbing their noses in the poop is pure negative reinforcement and they don’t understand why you are doing it–just that it sucks. Positive reinforcement is always best with pets. You have to catch them doing it because 5 seconds after they go, they won’t get a connection between the action they did (poo) and your punishment. If you catch them going, say “no” and immediately take them to the box with the offending tootsie roll so they see the connection to poop and box and the “no”.

Clean, clean, clean the litter box. Limit, limit, limit their food. Feed them their specific nutritional needs (on the bag per weight) at a specific time (2-3 times per day) and 10 minutes later take them to the box and put them in it. When they go, praise and love them. Also, don’t move the litter box around or abruptly change litter. Cats are odd little creatures and even a change in the depth of litter can cause them to shun the box. I was taught that you should have one more litter box than cats as they like options. That just isn’t practical for most of us but, in your situation, you definitely should have one more since they are leaving more deposits than the one bank can hold. Luckily, it is easier to break the inappropriate pooping habit than the inappropriate urination habit. I hope you have good luck. Good thing little baby animals are so cute, isn’t it! Sorry this is so long.

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. Today has been a very good poop day. NO messes or accidents. I think I have about taught Napoleon to COVER it! Thankfully! I have just been with them all day. Watching every “movement”. We now have two litter boxes. They both have used both. But I have scooped each and every clump promptly! I am such a good girl huh??? Seriously they have been fine. It was just those few little mishaps and they were our fault not the kitties. I realized after I had been gone for three days that was one thing I left unassigned. No one was the scooper. So I am sure they were just rebelling against the litter box neglect. So I think it will all be fine.