Long Time, No See…Again.

Boy have I been a horrible blog keeper upper.  Seriously, I have just now began to feel well again.  I dont know what is going on with my sinuses but they need to behave!  I decided NOT to take an antibiotic this time because a)it didnt seem to make that much difference last go ’round and b)it really really messed up my tummy before.   I dont like my tummy messed up.  I lived with tummy trouble for 40 years without realizing my IBS was actually food allergies, so I try to keep things balanced for the most part.

Hurricane Edouard blew past us with not even so much as a thunder shower.Which we could seriously use.  August has been unusually dry as was July. My poor poor pumpkins.  If they make it I will be surprised.

I am going to do my best to get some recipes typed up for you today or tomorrow.  I have a bit of sewing to do today if at all possible. I have a friend whose moving and I must get her going away present made SOON!  I know she passes by here ever so often so I wont say what but I think she will like it and I will post a pic after I give it to her.  I suppose I will leave you with a picture for today and hopefully I will be back in the swing of things soon.

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What a fantastic picture Susan! Glad that you are starting to feel a bit better now. A summer cold and sinus infection is no fun at all!!!


Hi fellow Susan and farmgirl! I’ve moved and am trying to get caught up with my blogging too, I enjoyed catching up here, when did you change homes here? I kinda miss the old format? But this one is still full of your wonderful photos! I know what your going through with sinus trouble, mine were so bad last year that I was having nose bleeds that lasted over 30 mins. But this year I haven’t had any troubles, I got myself a Neti Pot from the health food store, saved me! It’s wonderful! It cleans out your sinus’s and when done daily, can prevent the pain. You might want to check into it, can’t hurt! Hope your feeling well soon so you can enjoy the last of summer!