OH Dear Fay! Behave yourself!

This little map makes me a bit nervous.  I used to think it INSANE for my parents to watch the weather like they did but I do believe I am beginning to fall under the same spell.  The first thing I do every morning is get my coffee, log on, open my email, and then open the in a new window.  Then I open in yet another window.  Obsessed??? Maybe. But here is the map of this morning from

See the lime green and bright orange paths?  Yep, back in the Gulf would be a bad thing.  See that bright orange path headed straight for the boot tip of Louisiana.  What’s left there is precious and even more what has been rebuilt.  I realize living under sea level is dangerous and so do the people that actually live there.  While, I live about 5 hours north and west of the boot tip, I still worry for those who live there and the potential for loss of property.  Not to make light of what is happening in Florida, or has happened all along the Gulf coast for years, but we don’t need another hurricane any time soon.

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We’re keeping close watch too!!

I have family and friends that were hit hard several years ago with Katrina. (We are from south Mississippi) We also have friends (Jacksonville) and family (The Villages) in Florida. I too watch the weather especially during hurricane season. I guess we will just have to watch and see. Hope all is well.

Yes, I make fun of my mother all the time. But darn it, Fay needs to get her butt out of here or I’ll have to break out the pirogue!

We live in West Central Georgia and it’s been raining all bloomin’ day long with big wind gusts from Fay. I thought moving here from the Texas coast meant that we wouldn’t have to deal with this anymore!