Rectangle Shortbread Cutter Part Deax

Last year I posted a recipe for and then got several inquiries about the little shortbread cutter.  Yesterday we were out  doing a little shopping in the pouring rain and ducked in the kitchen shop. There they were!  I bought all they had and thought I might offer them up to y’all if you would like to have one.  You can have one of the 5 (yep only FIVE) by being one of the first 5 to email me  – The cost is $5 each ppd in the US.  If you live outside the us we will work something out if you want one.  They sell for  $2.49 on amazon but the postage is about $4 so this is a bit better.

After I let you know you are one of the 5 just paypal me and I will get it right out! They are very sturdy little cutters and I was VERY happy to find them.  Don’t dilly -dally or you’ll miss out!

ALL GONE!!! They will go out in the next day or so!  THANKS and ENJOY! Cookie recipes are here and here.

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I would love one!!! I’ve been keeping an eye out at garage sales ever since I saw this recipe.


Girlfriend… I want one… If I ever see you to give you your gift I will pick it up from you.

I have always loved these little cutters, alas I live too far away though for it to be worth your while. Maybe one day . . .

Darn it. This would have been a great find. I’ll keep looking too.

Thank you for the wonderful recipes you share. I try most of them and have certainly not been disappointed at all.