School Days, School Days!

They are fast approaching!  We will enter our 21st (I think!) year of homeschooling on September 3rd.  I wish I could say I am ready, but that would be a complete untruth!  But I am working on it. I loved the graphic above.  SOOOO 50’s.  The good old school days.  See I LOVED school.  I loved the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and crayons and paste.  I know you might find this hard to believe but I have had deja vu and that smell come to my nose from absolutely no where!  Such a warm fuzzy feeling.  But my, my how things changed from when I went to school to now.  I wont go into all the reasons we decided to homeschool but I will say it has worked for us.  It is what we do, kinda who we are.  Maybe one day I will feel like sharing all the whys and whatfors.

We are making a little trip today because both of the girls are off work and Husband has been wanting a meat pie from Lasyone’s in Natchitohces.

And we will pick Jess up and then we will all do a bit of antiquing if weather permits. If you click on the sign above you can read all about their famous meat pies.  They are amazing!

There is a fairly nice teacher’s store in Natchitoches as well, and I will pop in there and see what I can find.  I like to keep some workbooks around for days when we need a bit of a break and some “schoolwork lite”.  Or as I like to refer to them Mom’s Mental Health Days.  On thing I will be looking for is a pencil sharpener that sharpens fat pencils.  See, I still LOVE to write with and old fashioned real wood pencil.  And fat or primary ones to boot!  My pencil sharpener is worn completely out and hangs up and wont sharpen the pencils correctly so, that is on my list.  One day I will post some pictures of my vintage school books and supplies.

One more thing: I should have the S’more Cupcake recipe later today!  They were delish!

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Although my older two are in a private high school, I’ve just started hs-ing my 7 yr old…due to school issues, bus, etc.

We’re on day four. I’d be interested to hear more about your materials. you can email me if you want to discuss it further…otherwise…no big deal. Exciting stuff!

sari almeida

Are the meat pies made with pork or beef? A lot of the people in New Bedford,Ma. are French Canadian and I have a great recipe for “French meat pie”, made with ground pork. It is the best I have had, and I am very picky about my meat pies. The recipe makes seven pies. I gave them away last Christmas.
Have a great day! Sari

I am so happy to see so many families homeschooling. It worked out great for us. I homeschooled because I wanted my child to have a great education. I had to take the Arizona State Teachers Exam to be able to homeschool. That has changed. It is worth the effort! I congratulate you.

Love your recipes too. I call this the “Yummy Blog”.

Hi! I just found this post and I was mumbling outloud to my husband about the meat pies and I think I made his mouth water. His family is from Shreveport and he has visited Natchitoches many times. Here in NY there are not many options for meat pies, lol.