Sweltering Summer Heat

It is soooo hot here.  I heard yesterday is was 105 but felt like 120.  I believe it.  I think it is to be a cool 99 today.  Oh boy a cool wave!

My sinuses are still messed up but better.  I honestly think I could have benefitted from a round of antibiotics but OHHH how I hate them.  This being Husband’s first weekend home, kids are gathering at our house for a meal. Our middle son and his wife are in Grand Cayman but we got to visit with them Friday before they left. Everyone else including little Grandson Sam will be here.

Husband decided on a fried chicken recipe he found in the latest issue of Bon Appetit.  It is a wild and crazy “start 24 hours ahead” type recipe.  We got the chicken pieces in the brine and in the frig last night at 11:00 due to the fact that we finally ate supper at 9:00.  We were going to just take a quick cat nap yesterday afternoon and ended up sleeping till 7 pm!! Between his “clock” still being on Tunisian time and my head being completely messed up from antihistamines, we are quite a pair with a most unusual schedule.  We slept on thru last night though so maybe we are getting back to real time.  I think Rachel is making dessert for today – Smore Cupcakes I think.  Anywho, I thought I would check in and I will be sure and post recipes and pictures of today’s culinary adventures.

See you all soon!

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Sounds like fun times. Seriously, hope you’re feeling better soon. Summer colds are the pits for sure. xxoo

smores cupcakes! i want that recipe! 😉

OOhh….I do miss fried chicken made southern stye by my mom. The brits just don’t make it the same. But, I must say, fried chicken on a hot day is no fun for a chef! 😉 I hope your husband is cooking 😉


I hope you guys had a nice day with all the kids…. food sounds yummy.

Glad you are feeling somewhat better Susan, hoping you are feeling totally back in the pink soon! Looking forward to s’more’s cupcakes. They sound delish!

Holy crap! That’s hot!
Hope you feel better soon. 🙂

Wow..that IS hot. We were up to 100 today..but we don’t get the humidity so much here..still…I hate hot. Especially if you don’t feel I hope YOU feel better way soon.
The chicken sounds intriguing..can’t wait to hear how it turns out! We had boring old swiss steak and mashed potatoes with peas, and melon tonight..and a rousing game of Clue after supper.
Have a great rest of the week..sounds like we are all ready for autumn!!

Feel better. It’s sure no fun having a summer cold!!