Bringing Back the Chapeau

Why can’t hats make a big comeback?  I mean one where if you DON’T wear one, you seem out of place instead of if you do, people kinda look at you like WOW…that’s a hat! You know I was never much bothered when people would ask if I had anything to wear besides overalls.  Because actually I didn’t.  I even had a pair of black velveteen ones for dress up.  I tired myself out wearing them EVERY day for about 5 years.  The only time I wore anything else during that time was to my daughter’s wedding.  I actually wore overalls to the rehersal dinner – hey it was barbeque, so it was fine, right? I have never really give a big flip what anyone thought of my attire so why NOT a hat or three???

Anyway I think if I just DO IT and get used to seeing myself in them, then I will adjust and not panic when I see myself in a mirror or window pane.  I always think, Man my face looks round in a hat.  Well, guess what…my face IS round in or out of a hat.  Here is my latest obsession:

And judy0044 asked were I found the other hats and they are all here. Maggie Mae Designs. They are all so wonderful and beautiful and I WANT one so badly!

Weather Update: We are expecting wind and exceptional amounts of rain today thru Sunday.  So if I am off line you can figure why.  No power.  We were so fortunate during Gustav, I think it might be too much to hope for again.  But I do anyway.  Ike is set to go west of here which means we will get wind, tornadoes etc.  Not good…again.  But I will be in touch as soon as I can.  Now go visit Maggie Mae Designs and help me bring back the chapeau!!!

Oh and by the way…I colored my hair.  My daughter in law will be THRILLED.  She has been after me.  But I think she wanted me cover the grey – which isnt exactly what I did. I had about 5 different color highlights put in.

You cant really see here.  But it is several different colors.  I like it.  And I like the way my hair feels -more body or something.  I said I would never color the grey.  But I lied.  Just got a wild hair and wanted a new do.

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KPLC TV 7 says that Jeff Davis Parish will get 50-60 mph winds and 3-5 inches of rain. I just hope our electricity doesn’t go out. But I’m sure it will. For Gustav, we were without electricty for 21 hours and without water for about 24 hours. I’ve heard our electricity comes from the Cameron area, so we probably are going to be out of electricity for some time. Hope you are lucky and have electricity during this storm.
Jennings, LA

It looks really cute Susan!! I am NOT brave with my hair at all..which is why it always looks the same.
I wear a navy blue shirt (long or short sleeve..I have quite a few that color) most days and either jeans, khakis or a denim skirt….and an apron when I am home…pretty darn predictable. I adore hats too..but same as you…just havn’t made myself wear them..besides my round face I have a big old head..and lots of thick hair. Hard to find a hat that I like that fits well!! Anyway…you go for it…you are an inspiration to me!!!

I had a friend doing testing at NASA in Galveston. They evacuated all of them yesterday. We had planned on visiting her there in three weeks! We aren’t sure the B&B we were going to stay at will even be there. Stay safe.


Ooooo ~ I LOVE the colour AND the style! Is your hair naturally wavy? You will look primed for England…and they wear hats there, so take along one or two of your favourites!

I see Ike moving in towards your neck of the woods. Good luck and I hope you don’t need it. It looks nasty and extremely large….I hope it doesn’t pack the punch they think it will.

p.s. it’s nice to see you!

Susan, love the new hair do!! Very becoming.



donna o.

Girrrl! I LOVE your hair! You look great! Hot mama. I read your blog all the time and was buying your lip balm. Do you still sell it or is there anywhere I can buy it?

donna o.

P.S. I think a hat would be great on you…you should give it a try!!

You are such a pretty lady! I love your hair. It looks really nice. Praying that you make it through this next hurricane!