Cooking Classes!

I am signed up to teach my first cooking class in just 4 short weeks!  I am really excited.  You all know I have had trouble focusing lately.  Can’t seem to find my groove back.  So this is a start maybe.   Biscuit Making 101 is the first of what I hope will be many installments.

I plan to demonstrate 3 variations of my recipe – using lard, shortening and butter.  Everyone has different tastes but the technique is what throws people.  Personally I am not going the trouble unless I make them with lard and White Lily Self Rising flour…but that’s just me.

Each participant will receive a recipe booklet, hands on instructions, a handcrafted pasty cloth (made by moi!) and a 2 pound bag of White Lily Self Rising flour…oh and a full belly!

Sounds like fun huh???

Oh – Husband made it home safe and sound…a bit jet lagged but happy to be here!  And we are happy to have him home!

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Well they sure look yummy!!! I’m sure everyone will enjoy the class and the eatin’ very much 🙂




I’m so jealous! I want to be in a class taught by you!!!

Sounds like fun and a great choice for a first class Susan! I did that for one of my first classes for the ladies in my church. They really enjoyed it!


Sounds like fun. I was reading in a mag last night if you add a little mashed sweet potato’s to your buttermilk for biscuits it is really good. I am going to try it for my dad one day, he loves sweet potato’s.
It seems like its been forever since we got together because it has. The first and last week they are home is always so hectic and busy.

I wish I could take the class! My only attempt at biscuits resulted in hockey pucks and I’ve been afraid to try again.


I’m so excited for you! But where are you signed up? Is Karen already on your class roster?

Congrats! Let me know the details of how it goes! I’ve got muscadine jelly and jam to go on biscuits now!

I’ll send some down soon!