England, here I come!!

I am going!  Next month, I will go and spend a few days with Husband in Norwich, England!  How excited am I???? TOO!! He will already be there for meetings and then I will arrive in London on October 17 and take the train to Norwich.  I can do this!  Then I will fly home the next Tuesday!  We will be staying at Dunston Hall.  Looks pretty nice.

And I for sure want to tour the Elm Hill area of Norwich…LOVELY, lovely.

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OH….France and England all in the same year.

You are so fortunate.

Soak up a bunch of culture for me, please.


Hokey-dokey. We are talking the same woman who went to France and came home EARLY, right? I am remembering correctly? You were homesick, etc.

Uh….so you wanna globe trot again? And you sound so happy and enthusiastic about it…

England is just across the channel from France. I gather worlds away though ~ you don’t have the same concerns about visiting this country?

Oh, I used to visit under my old blog “Lady P’s Cozy Corner”. I’m at my new & improved blog on wordpress, if you ever get the time to visit. I’d love to see you there.

Oh…who me??? Homesick??? Nawww. Yeah I was but it really was more the fact that my kids were so unhappy. And when kids are unhappy…well it aint easy! This will be just me and Husband and for only 5 days. So yeah…I am up for it.


Ooo… lovely!! You’re gonna have so much FUN! 🙂

I hope you have a lovely time Susan! I have not been to Norwich myself, but have a longing to go there one day!

Oooh, lucky you!! If the two of you get a chance to drive the countryside, head over to Lavenham. It is the most adorable town, with wonky buildings and streets.
Have a wonderful time. 🙂


Ah, now I understand! You and hubby ONLY…in a romantic place that speaks the same language as we do. Well, they sort of speak it…if you can understand them.

The pub food is awful though. Really; kidney steak and pie? Ugh!

Have a great time. I DON’T go “on vacation” anymore precisely because of my children – one in particular. I actually took the other one this summer and we buzzed off for a week. It was bliss. It was relaxing and relatively stress-free. Something that wouldn’t be possible with the other child at all.

Oh I am soooo jealous of you Susan!! I want to visit England/Scotland sooo badly. We’re hoping for our 30th anniversary. . . maybe. . . in 2 1/2 years.

I think you’ll enjoy England. At least they speak the same language. That should be easier for you to get around!!

Enjoy. . . and TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!