Friday's Food for Thought

Since I missed Thoughtful Thursday’s (can you tell I have a problem staying on task????) I thought I might try to post something today.  I wish I could post something that didnt relate to bad weather but it’s still on my mind with Ike trying to see if he can out do previous storms.  To have a good attititude about it is difficult some days.  We are always (most of the time anyway) thankful for mild winters here, but oh that horrible time we call hurricane season.  I am not one for suprises and I am not necessarily afraid of weather, but I feel such a since of responsibility when my husband is away, that this just adds to that stress.  I like this quote from Billy Connolly.

In Scotland, there is no such thing as bad weather – only the wrong clothes.

And by the way I really like Billy Connolly as well.

Reminds me of what we say around here: It’s not if a hurricane is coming, but when.  So there out in the Atlantic swirling and chewing up everything it their paths are Ike and Josephine.

Gustav really put a damper on our starting school so we will start this coming Monday instead.  The beauty of homeschooling (and life in general): flexibility.

And now to share a picture that made me smile.  I bet it will make you smile too!

Title: Pile of Cats

Photographer: Benjamin

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Your cat picture is just to cute.

I am so glad that Gustov wasn’t as bad as it could have been for you all.

I thought of you often.


My gosh, look at those sweet guys. You know I love Mo, that little bitty gray guy is the cutest little thing, and the orange one is such a sweety.Cracks me up little Julius wouldn’t come see me until the other two did! ha ha
Saw a stray orange kitty at Pizza Hut last night and Shannon was gonna try to catch it, we were gonna name it Pepperoni. BUT it was wild, and I am not really thinking I need another kitty with this puppy who thinks kitty pooh is yummy! (baby barf)
Shannon went to go get us donuts this morning, he is so glad to be home.

Yup, a pile of sleeping warm cats is a sweet thought!


Love your pile-o-kitties! The tabby looks like my lost baby girl Rascal. Since we are heading into football weather!!!!!!! Can you post your amazing hot cocoa recipe again????!!!!!!
Love b


What cute kitties! Made me smile, too! I have a brown tabby also, and his name is Scootie. Good luck with your weather. I’ll be praying for you!