More Soap Talk

Today is the first day in almost a year that I have wanted to make soap. I also have a hair appointment so I mixed my lye water to cool while I am gone and tomorrow I will MAKE SOAP!!! Husband has been mentioning how low he is getting at work I try to make him quite a stash when I make it. So I am feeling motivated from all Suz’s comments I suppose. I will let you know how it turns out and give you the recipe for the pork loin I have in the oven for tonight’s supper. It smells so good.

Here is a soap picture from back in the day…

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I love handmade soap. Your “Gardener’s Soap” looks great!

Brenda G.

Your gardener’s soap looks great ! Glad to hear you felt like making up a batch of soap, your soaps are very nice. Will you be posting your tutorial for lotion bars and the hot process method of soapmaking ? I have tried the cold process method, and that worked fine, now I’m wondering how the hot process (using the oven) method will work.

Thanks for your inspiration on soapmaking and also for all things homey !!

Brenda G.

p.s. – Oregon Trails Soapmaking is a wonderful site. Thanks for the heads up.

I will indeed be posting those tutorials. We have been so busy with this weather mess and starting school but they are on the “list”!!


Great news! My fingers are crossed that this is just the beginning….how have I lived without your Farmgirl Clean?? If I chant will it help? “soap, soap, soap, soap…..”
Just kidding. I know some things are better savored as a hobby rather than a business. I would learn to make soap if you’d tell me how to make that one!
Take Care!!

Maybe one of these days I will make enough to share! Thanks for your kindnesses!

This is one lady that has soapmaking down to a science. I have been fortunate enough to have some of her soap and everything from the soap to the wrapping is professional. I sure did enjoy it. Stay safe so you can continue to make your soaping masterpieces.