No Worse for Wear

We made it through Ike safe and sound and had our power restored by nightfall.  We really didnt have much to complain about.  There are lots of limbs down but that is very VERY minor.  Having my laundry and dishes all done and the house fairly orderly when we lost power was a great thing.  I am not always that ready, I promise.

Seeing the pictures of the devastation is just gut-wrenching.  How people will ever recover is beyond me. 

I can’t imagine, but I know it must be such an overwhelming feeling of helplessness.

Ike was such a massive storm.  Not so powerful as in wind strength.  There have been much higher winds recorded.  But the amount of water that was displaced is amazing.  And frightening.

Water is such a strong, scary force of nature.  So powerful. Tossing things around like toothpicks.

It will be a long road to recovery.

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The power of nature is so amazing. I feel bad for those who have been so affected by this horrible storm. My heart and prayers go out to them.