Oopps! Missed Thoughtful Thursday!

Its been a really busy week, as you might have noticed from the lack of posts and such.  I have not been lounging around, eating bonbons and watching Law and Order.  Okay, I have watched a lot of Law and Order but as I was going in and out of the rooms cleaning and organizing.  Now I have to shift it into high gear because Husband is coming home Thursday!  Yes, it is almost that time.  And it will be a rushed 16 days before he leaves again.  First for England then back to work from there.  I can hardly believe that I am going to meet him in England.  Pack light, pack light, pack light.

My sister in law is down this weekend for us to begin the big Clean Out.  We signed a contract on my parents house day before yesterday so if all the inspections go well, it will be sold.  The closing might actually take place before I leave for the UK.  Doubtful but it is possible.  I have no idea about the prospective owners.  Not a thing.  Except their loan qualification went well.  And if you listen to the news, that is a bit of a miracle with the housing market/situation the way it is.  If I thought about the financial situation in this country I would be sick.  So, I just won’t think about it much.  Nothing I did caused it, and nothing I can do will fix it so, I will Keep Calm and Carry On.

Time permitting, I will harvest some pumpkins this weekend as well.  And of course I will share pictures of them with you.  I see several fairly large ones in the patch and if all this rain hasnt caused them to rot, they will be very pretty sitting on my porch.  My daughter in law called last week wanting to know if I would have enough to share.  Hopefully.

Rather than continuing to ramble here, I shall get up and get busy.  There is much to be done in the next few days.  And I am determined to finish the red ticking apron I have had started for weeks now.

Have a lovely weekend – talk to you all soon!\

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Will we ever have a day we can just chill? Maybe next weekend when Jerry is home we can all get together. I made sticky buns this morning and now I am going to get to work! Sounds like you will be working like mad this weekend, take care and don’t work to hard!!
Hey, I would rather have a bunch of stuff to do than dealing with another hurricane this weekend! LOL

if you have time I’d like to invite you to join the seed exchange event over at my blog.

haha, no matter how LIGHT I think I have packed, I always come to the realization while I am away that I really packed too much. But then again, better safe than sorry! sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you, but busy hands are happy hands, at least that’s what I keep telling myself!